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Madrasah resumes Summer Term from Saturday 22nd May, 2021

The Summer term (Academic Year 2020/21) will InshAllah be commencing from Saturday 22nd May, 2021

Madrasah Newsletter PARENTS : Late Spring Term 2020/21

Madrasah Newsletter  PARENTS : Late Spring Term 2020/21

Tarbiyah Online Madrasah for Awwal R/Awwal and Baseer from Saturday 3/10/2020 & Timetable

Bihamdillah,19th September, 2020 was an exciting day when the Qawiy, Daleel, Ihsaan and Faraj classes successfully commenced live Tarbiyah lessons as part of our Online Madrasah strategy. MashAllah the teachers did very well in taking the plunge to commence the online delivery. The feedback I have received from a number of parents is positive. Thank you for this. We are now excited to pilot the Tarbiyah Online lessons for the younger classes as herebelow: 

Tarbiyah Online Madrasah for Daleel - Faraj from Saturday 19/9/2020

Further to my below communication, I would like to update you with regards to the resumption of Tarbiyah lessons through online platform. 

Home/Online Madrasah : Tomorrow Saturday 12/9/2020

During the normal days this would be the time when, like the schools, Madrasah would be commencing the new Academic year.  Sadly, the unusual times we are in has made life and our various activities become different.  Nonetheless holding on strongly to rahma together with tawakkul upon Allah SWT we will InshAllah be granted relief to cover these segments in our journey of mortal life. 

Madrasah Ramadan Update

I would like to thank the parents who took time to respond to my consultation with regards to with regards to continuing home /Online Madrasah during the Easter school holidays and Shahru Ramadhan.

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