One stop portal for online links

One stop portal for online links

Salamun alaykum,


Yawmul Jumah Mubarakah


One stop portal for online links:

Due to the current circumstances we will continue delivering all the Madrasah sessions through Online platform.

Al Mahdi Madrasah is pleased to launch a one stop portal on Notion that provides the log in details for all the Madrasah classes. This central guide will provide students and parents with an easy access to links for the online Quran recitation and Tarbiyah lessons. In addition, announcements from Madrasah will also be posted here. This is the link to access the portal:


For your ease of reference, we recommend you bookmark this link on your browser.

Please let us know how you find it. Your feedback towards this first version will be of great help towards improving this new platform for Madrasah. 


This project has been constructed by Kareem Hooda; one of our students in Daleel class. I would like to recognise his efforts and wish to applaud him for undertaking this initiative to serve the Madrasah. Well done Kareem. JazakAllah Khayral Jazai. May you be Divinely rewarded and granted success in your endeavours, InshAllah 


Request you to kindly remember in your duas all in my team of dedicated Madrasah volunteers.


Meanwhile, as has been the case, feel free to contact me if there is any clarification you may need.




With salams and duas,

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat