ALL programmes at the Al Mahdi Centre are SUSPENDED until further notice
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1st Shaban 1441/ 26th March 2020: Shaban 8 action points part 1

Meaning of Sha’baan:

On the first of Sha’baan Amiral Muminin Imam Ali a.s. passed by a group of people engaged in discussions. He addressed them, “….Our Lord has called the month Sha’baan, because his favours /bounties are abundantly scattered /disbursed all over during this month.”

A'maal and 5 Excellencies of Bi'that: 22nd March 2020

This was the formal commencement of the revelation of Noble Quran. Henceforth it is the day of B’ithat- Day of commissioning of responsibility of Apostleship to noble prophet Muhammad al Mustafa SAWW.

Statement from the EC | Coronavirus - March 2020

Dear Mu’mineen,
Salamun ‘alaykum

After much consultation and seeking advice from medical and healthcare professionals, the EC at Wessex Jamaat have decided to get ahead of the coronavirus outbreak and suspend ALL programmes at Al Mahdi Centre. This includes:

  • Wiladat/shahadat programmes
  • Salatul Jum’ah
  • Saturday Madrasah
  • School visits
  • Private hire

The decision to close has been made proactively and with the best interests of our community in mind particularly the elderly and the most vulnerable. We would rather have abundance of caution prospectively rather than regret retrospectively.

The number of coronavirus cases in the UK is expected to rise soon and we urge all mu’mineen to take extra precaution as detailed in various COVID-19 broadcasts from Wessex Jamaat.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support and patience during this trying time for everyone globally.

Please remember to exercise caution in your day to day activities from basic washing of hands to essential travel reconsideration.

With du’as
The Executive Committee | Wessex Jamaat

Empowering the Mind Workshop : Sunday 15th March, 2020

How can one empower a child’s mind set?

Shahru Ramadhan Announcement - Important Changes

Shahru Ramadhan Announcement- Important Changes

Death Announcement - Portsmouth

It is with sadness that we are informing you of the demise of Marhuma Laila Bai Muhammad Versi, daughter of Gulamali Abdulrasul