Dar al Zahra Project

Outline of the Project

Since the new Al Mahdi Centre was built in 2012, our community has continued in its organic growth as well as attracting families from across the country and beyond. This has meant that there is an increasing demand on places for the Wessex Madrasah, which caters for around 80 students, with many more on a waiting list. Currently, we are using a small bungalow within the grounds of the centre to provide an additional two small Madrasah classrooms, but sadly this bungalow is not fit for purpose and not in a state that is appropriate for our children’s education.
Therefore, to expand our capacity and improve our Madrasah facilities, we have set out to replace the existing bungalow with a new purpose-built centre consisting of two buildings, that will provide a further five madrasah classrooms, an assembly area, meeting space and space for further community activities.  This will provide additional capacity for a further 55 Madrasah students, bringing our total capacity to around 135.  This project has been named after the noble daughter of the Prophet and has taken on the name of Dar al Zahra (as).

Images and Floorplans

The images of the exterior and floor plans for the two buildings can be viewed below (may be subject to minor change):

Bungalow exterior and floor plan:

Barn exterior and floor plan:


How to donate

Our fundraising target for the project is £475 thousand, of which we have just under £110 thousand to collect. Please donate to help us reach our target.

To donate, visit www.paypal.me/almahdicentre
Please be sure to write 'Dar al Zahra' in the Add a note section.

Alternatively you can make a one off payment or set up a standing order using the bank details below:

UK Donations:

Wessex Jamaat
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International donations:

Wessex Jamaat
IBAN: GB49 BUKB 2069 3440 9101 47
Reference: Dar al Zahra

Barclays Portsmouth Address:
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