Du'as and Amaal

Month of Safar: Recommended Dua: Protection from Misfortunes

Recommended Dua: Protection from Misfortunes

1st Muharram 1441 A.H. - Insure Yourself For The New Year 1441 A.H.

Flag of Imam Hussains Holy ShrineA’maal for the new new Hijri Year

Special Prayer: Last day of Dhulhijjah 1440 A.H Tomorrow Saturday 31st August, 2019 - : Make Shaytan Shriek!!!

Special Prayer for the last day of the month of Dhulhijjah

Recommended A’mals for Eid ul Ghadeer

Heartiest Felicitations on the Blessed and Auspicious Occasion of Eid ul Ghadeer

Let's Benefit From the Best 10 days of Dhulhijjah: The Four Recommended Deeds

Dhulhijjah: 3rd of the Sacred months (Ash-hurul Hurum ):

DAHWUL ARDH: 5 Deeds Recommended for Monday 29th July, 2019/ 25th Dhulq'ada 1440 A.H.

25th Dhulqa'ada Dahwul Ardh / Earth Day : 5 Recommended A'maal for the day

Reap 10 Benefits Recommended Salah for Sunday in Dhulqa’dah

Al Salat 3.4Recommended salah for Sunday in Dhulqa’dah

29th Ramadhan


Hadith of The Day:

The Holy Prophet prayed: O God! Ordain not this month of Ramadhan to be the last of my fasts. But should you ordain it to be so, then make me blessed and leave me not deprived of Your mercy.

Aadaabi Az Quran, Pg.: 398