Du'as and Amaal

Tonight: Thursday 20th August, 2020- 1st Muharram, 1442A.H. - Insure Yourself For The New Year 1442 A.H.

A’maal for the new new Hijri Year

Special Prayer: Last day of Dhulhijjah, 14410 A.H Tomorrow: Thursday 20th August,2020/29th Dhulhijjah1441 A.H. - Make Shaytan Shriek!!!

Special Prayer for the last day of the month of Dhulhijjah

Eid ul Ghadeer A'mals: Sunday 9th August, 2020/18th Dhulhijja 1441 A.H.

 Yawmul Jumah Mubarakah and Heartiest Felicitations on the Blessed and Auspicious Occasion of Eid ul Ghadeer

Preparation for A'maals of Yawmul 'Arafah: Friday 31st August, 2020/9th Dhulhijjah 1441 A.H.

Yawmul ‘Arafah - Day of ‘Arafah on 9th of Dhulhiijjah- is one of the most sacred days on the calendar.

Tonight: Let's benefit from the best 10 days of Dhulhijjah: The 5 recommended deeds

The first ten days of Dhulhijah are very special days.

DAHWUL ARDH: 5 Deeds Recommended for Friday 17th July, 2020/ 25th Dhulq'ada 1441 A.H.

25th Dhulqa’ada Dahwul Ardh / Earth Day : 5 Recommended A’maal for the day

Jum'atul Wida - Dua for the last Friday of Ramadhan

Dua to be recited on Jum'atul Wida - the last Friday of Shahru Ramadhan.

Recommended salah for the nights of Shahru Ramadhan

Recommended salah for the nights of Shahru Ramadhan

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