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Date 21/04 22/04
Imsaak: 03:45 03:43
Fajr: 03:55 03:53
Sunrise: 05:57 05:55
Zohr: 1:08 1:07
Maghrib: 08:19 08:21

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Du'as and Amaal

Month of Safar: Recommended Dua: Protection from misfortunes

tasbihAccording to some traditions this month is known to be inauspicious. To avert misfortune nothing is more effective than giving Sadqa, reciting duas and seeking refuge inf Allah SWT.

Dua Mujeer (recommended for 13th, 14th & 15th Ramadhan)

mujeerA dua of high eminence recommended for recitation on 13th,14th & 15th eve of Shahru Ramadhan is Dua Al Mujeer.

Prayer on 1st day of the Islamic month : Insure yourself for the month (AQAIN)

If one does the above act, he would safeguard himself for the month. It would mean that as if one has acquired his/her insurance for that month from Almighty Allah.

Recommended A'maal for Tahweel and Navroz Day: Wednesday 21st March 2018

Celebration of Navroz: If the Tahweelu Shams - entry of the sun into the first celestial station- occurs before Dhuhr on 21st March, then Navroz is celebrated on that day.

Special Prayer: Last day of Dhulhijjah 1438 A.H. - Make Shaytan shreik

On the last day of the year it is recommended to recite two rakat salat in each of which after recitation of Sura Al Fatiha once, to recite Sura Al Ikhlas (Qul huwallahu ahad) and Ayatul Kursi ten times each.

Jum'atul Wida - Dua for the last Friday of Ramadhan

Jum'atul Wida: dua to be recited on the last Friday of Mahe Ramadhan to bid farewell to this holy month.

12th Ramadhan 1438 A.H. / 8th June 2017 - Dua Mujeer Reflections

duaMajlis Summary

"And your Lord said: Call Me and I will hear /respod (your supplications) ..." Sura Al Mumin 40:60.

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