The Centre

The Al Mahdi centre is a multi-purpose building consisting of two large halls which can seat approximately 400 people in total. There are washroom facilities with additional disabled toilets on both the Gents and Ladies side. The centre also houses a purpose built Ghusl Khana (Bathing for the deceased). The centre also has modern audio visual equipment for complete immersion by worshippers. Salaatul Juma is held every Friday with a full sermon delivered by the Resident Alim.

The centre has been flexibly designed to include the following:

  • Built-in flexibility for six madrasah rooms,
  • Separate ghusl khana and wudhu facilities
  • Kitchen with in-built batch dishwasher and spray sinks
  • Library and office facilities
  • Adequate car parking facilities for attendees of the centre
  • Full H&S compliance with fire detection systems and emergency exits

The footprint of the new centre is approx 540 square metres with plenty of room for expansion should the need arise in future years.

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The Grounds

The Al Mahdi Centre is situated on a five acre ground in the heart of Titchfield with the neighbouring Titchfield Abbey close by. The surroundings house numerous flora and fauna including various species of rabbits, hedgehogs and the occasional deer sighted! Plants found in the centre include lavender, corn and pumpkin. A playground with slides and swings can also be found in the grounds which is extremely popular with the children of the community.


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