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Online Madrasah Qur'an Piloting on 4th April, 2020

You are aware that sadly al Mahdi Madrasah has been closed since 7th March due to the COVID pandemic. This has been essential as per the Government directives and guidance  of our Maraji (may Allah protect them). It is vital and necessary that we strictly follow the various instructions and precautions laid out by the Public Health officials. Therefore, social distancing has now become part of our every day lives. 

No Madrasah until further notice (7th March, 2020)

Due to the precautionary measure undertaken by the Wessex Jamaat for suspension of all programmes at al Mahdi Centre, there will be NO Madrasah from this Saturday 7th March, 2020 until further notice.  

Back to Madrasah 28th February, 2020

Al Mahdi Madrasah, as the pioneers in rolling out the Tarbiyah curriculum actively participated in a retreat organised by the Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) 

Parents: £1 contribution at the Madrasah Assembly - Fill my cup Appeal

In order to encourage our children to be aware of their role towards the needy around the world, we would like to encourage the children to contribute towards providing a hot cup of porridge for breakfast to children in the schools in East Africa.  

Dua assembly for MacMillan Cancer Support

Al Mahdi Madrasah offered special prayers in their Dua assembly on Saturday 28th September 2019

Workshop for Parents 30/6/2019 and updated Timetable: Summer Term 2018/19

I would like to invite all parents to attend an interactive workshop to held on Sunday 30th June, 2019 from 10:30 a.m.

New Madrasah Academic Year 2019/20

Saturday 14thSeptember, 2019, will InshAllah be the first day of Madrasah.

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