Madrasah Commences new Academic Year 2020/21

Madrasah Commences new Academic Year 2020/21

Dear parents,


Salamun alaykum,


Heartiest Meeladun Nabi and Wiladat of Imam J’afar Sadiq a.s. Mubaraki.


Pray that you and your family are safe and in good health. During the normal days the new Academic year would commence with parents meeting and orientation assembly for Madrasah at al Mahdi Centre. Sadly, the unusual times we are in has made life and our various activities become different.  Nonetheless holding on strongly to rahma together with tawakkul upon Allah SWT we will InshAllah be granted relief to cover these segments in our journey of mortal life.


Online Madrasah:

Alhamdulillah the feeling of Saturdays for Madrasah with Qur’an recitation and Tarbiyah lesson is settling in very well. Due to the covid pandemic situation we will continue delivering all the Madrasah sessions through Online platform. MashAllah everyone is doing very well in taking the plunge to operate Online Madrasah. Although it is not the same as seeing all the children in Madrasah at al Mahdi Centre, we are very happy to be able to see their lovely and smiling faces on camera. I would like to thank you for supporting your children and getting them ready for the Online Madrasah. MashAllah the standard of behaviour and enthusiasm of the children needs to be commended. We all know that this smooth transition to Online platform has been possible with your support and it really means a lot to us. I would like you to pass this message of commendation to your children too.

I am sure you will appreciate that my team of dedicated muallimin, who are professionals in their own respective occupations, have selflessly taken the challenge to continue serving the Madrasah and adapting to new methods of delivering the Deeni T’alim to our children. I commend them for their commitment.

Request you to kindly pray for barakah and success of our endeavours for Online Madrasah for our children.


New Academic Year 2020/21:

This will InshAllah commence from Saturday 7th November, 2020The Timetable for the autumn term is attached. The children in the classes have been regrouped as per their school year group. Children proceeding to their new class in Madrasah should be having their new Tarbiyah student manuals Modules 1 – 8 which you had collected them earlier on.


Qur’an Recitation:  

These will be held from 10:00 a.m. Parents will receive email invitations to meetings scheduled by the respective Qur’an group teachers. Some Qur’an classes may start earlier at 9:30 a.m. Any changes to class timings will be communicated directly to the parents by the Qur’an teacher.

Tarbiyah Curriculum:

The essential lessons from the remaining modules 6 and 8 of Tarbiyah curriculum that would have been completed during the Academic Year 2019 /20 have been delivered through ‘catch up’ lessons. This was necessitated due to loss of Madrasah days during the Covid pandemic lock down situation. Bihamdillah we have now successfully completed another cycle of the two-year Tarbiyah curriculum. Thus, we are now set to commence delivery of new two-year Tarbiyah curriculum cycle from 7th November, 2020, InshAllah.

You will recall that our Madrasah was the first one globally to embark on implementation of this Tarbiyah Curriculum which was introduced in our Madrasah at the commencement of the Academic Year 2016/17. Commendation to all teachers and students.


During this Academic Year 2020/21 lessons in the 4-odd numbered modules (1,3,5, and 7) of Bands A to F for classes Baseer, Qawiy, Daleel, Ihsaan and Faraj will be delivered. The younger children in Awwal Year R and Awwal Year 1 will learn selected lessons from all the modules in Band A.  Please note that we will continue having only ONE tarbiyah lesson delivered from 11:00 a.m.

Parents will receive email invitations to meetings scheduled by the respective Class teachers using a specific Madrasah Class email I.D of your child’s class.

Tarbiyah Curriculum: Learning the 4-odd numbered modules (1,3,5, and 7)

In this Academic year, we expect to have not more than 26 learning days. Due to various practical reasons due to the covid pandemic situation, sadly we will not be able to cover all the 48 lessons of the 4-odd numbered Tarbiyah in their entirety. Our earnest attempt will be to deliver selected lessons /sections from these 4 modules. This is a task which is not easily accomplished without co-operation from all especially the children and parents.  Therefore, we sincerely ask that parents support us by engaging with your children at home regarding their lessons at Madrasah. This can be done in a variety of ways e.g. dinner time conversations, asking about their class, looking over the 'test yourself' sections in their manuals, referring the Risala Islamic Laws, reading their lesson storytime together, etc. Your valued co-operation will help extend Madrasah learning beyond Saturday Online sessions.


Online Madrasah Lessons - Code of Conduct

Whist delivering live sessions online, the Madrasah will have the utmost consideration for the safety and security of all the participants: students, teachers, parents and their wider families. Attached please find the code of conduct for the Online Madrasah.

This is to ensure a safe, engaging and meaningful experience of learning and sharing in the Online Madrasah. Please take the time to read and let your child/ren familiarise with them. This will contribute to the success of the Online Madrasah. We expect that parents and all children have been informed about this attached Code of conduct and are in agreement with it as they join their class this Saturday and any Madrasah online activity going forward.  


Expectation from parents:

Ensure that children are logged into Zoom earlier, at least 5 minutes, before the lesson is due to begin with your desktop/ tablet/ phone or device and that your child is prepared for the lesson. Parents must ensure that their child/ren uphold respect and discipline and use the online platform responsibly. Refer to page 2 of attached Code of conduct.

All parents, as a stakeholder for your child’s education, are expected to increase their involvement in the learning of Deeni T’aleem for their children at home. 


Prepare your child: Dressing

An important aspect of preparation for Madrasah is arranging appropriate Madrasah dressing for your child. This is essential for developing the mindset of the child towards the Madrasah programme.  Your child should be dressed as if they would be attending Madrasah physically observing the dress code especially the hijab.

Our female teachers will also be observing full hijab. However, we ask parents to be mindful that where lessons are being conducted by our female teachers, to the best extent possible only mothers, if required, should be present during those classes.


Prepare your child: Resources: Could you ensure that your child attends the session with the Tarbiyah manual, writing material (Pen/Pencil, Paper) and any learning resources requested by the teachers.


Expectation from students:

Be on time. ‘Attend’ all lessons and be punctual. Like at the physical Madrasah sessions held at al Mahdi Centre, our usual expectations of behaviour will continue to apply for Online sessions. Refer to page 1 of attached Code of conduct.


Prepare your child for Madrasah-Attendance:

Every child is expected to attend Madrasah regularly and on time. Madrasah meets only once a week and during the Academic year, we expect to have not more than 26 learning days. Therefore, a single absence can definitely affect your child’s progress in Deeni Talim. You will agree that absenteeism does affect not only the Madrasah programme, but performance of the absent child. You are requested to take this into consideration.


Attendance: This will be recorded in each class and so our usual attendance policy will apply which includes the monitoring of late attendance.


Report Absenteeism: If your child is unable to attend Online Madrasah then could you kindly notify the Madrasah on the day either by an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view or SMS text to 0786 475 8000.


Unable to log in / lesson queries: 

If you are unable to log in for the lesson or have any queries related to the Madrasah lessons, then please contact the head of the class your child is in.


Meanwhile, as has been the case, feel free to contact me if there is any clarification you may need.


Let’s continue to offer special prayers to Allah SWT, by wasila of Ahlul Bayt a.s.  for protection of all from the epidemic due to the COVID-19 virus and for the cure of all who are unwell. May you and your loved ones be granted safety from all calamities.

Request you to kindly remember in your duas all in my team of dedicated Madrasah volunteers.


Iltimasi Dua.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat