Madrasah Ramadan Update

Madrasah Ramadan Update

Dear parents, 


Salamun alaykum, 


I would like to thank the parents who took time to respond to my consultation with regards to with regards to continuing home /Online Madrasah during the Easter school holidays and Shahru Ramadhan.


Based on these responses and the input from teachers in both the Qur’an Recitation and Tarbiyah Curriculum departments I would like to inform you the following: 



  • Qur’an Recitation:  


During Shahru Ramadhan all children from Year 1 (Class Awwal 1) will continue having Qur’an lesson on Saturdays. conducted through Zoom, an online learning platform. Herebelow is the times for the respective Qur’an class group:  


Qur’an Class Group




Khudayjabai Datoo

2:00 pm


Fatemabai Nasser

2:00 pm


Zainabbai Sajan Jaffer

12:00 pm


Fatemabai Ramani

11:00 am

Group B

Anarbai Nurmuhammad,  Zhilabai Novrozi and Aliyabai  Walji ( 3 groups)

2:00 pm

Group 3

Mithaqbai Ayad

10:00 am.


Note that there will be no Qur’an recitation lessons for children in Reception group (Class Awwal YR). 



  • Tarbiyah Curriculum: 
  • Awwal R /1 and Baseer (Bands A and B) : Children in these classes will not have remote learning sessions. Instead you are asked to support them to do work on the Tarbiyah Band A and B workbooks. The heads of Awwal and Baseer are communicating with you on this assignment. 


  • Qawiy, Daleel, Ihsaan and Faraj (Bands C-F) :  There will be no Tarbiyah classes for these Year groups until further notice. 

Wessex Jamaat Weekly Art challenge:

Kindly encourage your child /ren to take part in this project. The challenge requires your child to be creative and prepare an artwork on the weekly theme. It could be in form of a poem, picture, drawing, craft work, collage, reflection letter or any other creative work based on the weekly theme. Send a picture of your creative work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This would then be posted on the Wessex Jamaat Facebook and YouTube platform. To view  last week’s entries visit:


Shahru Ramadhan: 

The blessed month is arriving to shower upon us its abundant blessings and mercy from Allah SWT. To celebrate Shahru Ramadhan the Madrasah is excited to present children in Classes Awwal R /1, Baseer, Qawiy and Daleel a special gift of Ramadhan Activity book. At the end of the book there is a family quiz on the Noble Qur’an for you to research and answer 1 question every day as a family together with your child. Why not make it a part of your Special Shahru Ramadhan Timetable? 

This gift, addressed to your child, is being posted to your home with a personal letter from me. I am grateful to the 3 parents who volunteered to assist in the labelling and dispatch.


During these challenging moments are parents are in agreement that we would like to do something for our children with regards to their Deeni T’alim. We would not like the Madrasah to be ‘closed’ especially when children and many families will be spending large time at home due to the closures of schools, work and isolation measures. No one is able to tell how long will this situation last. Certainly, Deeni Talim needs to be integral in the learning activity of our children during this ‘event’ as is being done for the schools. 

We are eager to witness the Shahru Ramadhan. This time this blessed month meets us in unprecedented circumstances due to the pandemic. Yes, we will miss the lively atmosphere at the mosque this time. I am aware of the challenges placed in front of us in our daily lifestyle due to this ‘event’ and how this is impacting all of us, myself included. However, as we stay in our homes, let us bring more of the spirit of Shahru Ramdhan in our homes together with our families. Herebelow, I humbly share some 12 tips towards developing personal and family spiritual growth:


  1. Set a rota for the family to call loudly the adhan in the house.
  2. Try to pray salat together in Jamaa’ah especially Maghrib as the time may be convenient for all to gather.
  3. Promote increased reading of Qur’an al Karim and have conversations on the recitations.
  4. Practise the Dua of Dhuhrayn and Maghribayn tasks assigned to your child at Madrasah. 
  5. Familiarise your children with recitation of the recommended duas of Shahru Ramadhan and for relief from epidemic.
  6. Encourage your child to do something more than the daily wajib salat such as Increased tasbih Sayyida Zahra a.s. , Salat Hadiya Walidayn, Nafilah salat and other mustahab amals.
  7. Participate in the various virtual Ramadhan programmes organized online by Wessex Jamaat 
  8. Sila Rahm: Boost your children to reach out to relatives and muminin.
  9. Involve your children to develop soft skills of home management by helping with home chores such as laying /clearing table, dish washing, laundry, gardening, emptying bins and other house keeping tasks. Let them see this not as a chore, but as a service to parents which is worthy of ibadah.
  10. Call to check on the wellbeing of neighbours, muminin and others during these moments of social distancing. 
  11. Avoid such social and other pass time activities that may deprive you of the abundant Divine mercy and blessings of Shahru Ramadhan. 
  12. Do more to providing Deeni T’alim at home to our children and supporting them to encourage them to live a life of commitment to Islam. 


As you observe the Shahru Ramadhan please make special dua to Allah SWT, by wasila of Ahlul Bayt a.s., invoking the name of Imam al Asr Sahibaz Zaman (a.f.), for protection of all from the epidemic due to the COVID-19 virus and for the cure of all who are unwell. 


Request you to kindly remember in your duas all in my team of dedicated Madrasah volunteers. 


Wishing you Shahru Ramadhan Mubarak. May you have a blessed month of Ramadhan. 


Iltimasi Dua. 



Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat