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Salatul Juma
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May 03, 2018 (6:30 pm)
Salatul Juma
May 04, 2018 (1:06 pm)

Prayer Timetable

Date 23/04 24/04
Imsaak: 03:40 03:38
Fajr: 03:50 03:48
Sunrise: 05:53 05:51
Zohr: 1:07 1:07
Maghrib: 08:23 08:24

Back to Madrasah: Summer Term 2018 Update

Back to Madrasah for the summer term! Read on for the update.

The Friday Message - Issue No: 304 - How will you support the Noble Prophet?

love-prophetWhat form of support does the Prophet require today from you? Is it in form of physical, mental, physical, financial form? In what form of resources is support required by the Noble Prophet?

Wessex Jamaat Qur’an Hifdh (Memorization) Competition: Shahru Ramadhan 1439 AH – May/June 2018

quranstand"For everything there is a spring. The spring for the Noble Quran is the month of Ramadan." (Imām Jaʿfar ibn Muhammad al-Sādiq a.s.) We are excited to launch the annual hifdh competition - read on for details!

27th Rajab 1439 A.H. / 13th April 2018 - Topic: Bi'that

isramiraj"Glory be to Him who made His servant go by night from Masjidul haram to Masjidul Aqsa, whose surrounding We have blessed..." - Sura al Isra 17:01

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