Tanzil Project 22nd Shahru Ramadhan 1442 A.H (5th of May 2021)

Tanzil Project 22nd Shahru Ramadhan 1442 A.H (5th of May 2021)

Dear parents,

Salamun alaykum,

Pray that you and family are well enjoying the barakah, rahma and maghfira of the Divine hospitality.

"The house in which the Quran is recited and Allah, the Noble and Grand is remembered will receive numerous Divine blessings, the angels will be present and the Satans will be distanced from there. In addition, that house will shimmer for the people of the sky, just like the stars shimmer for the people of the earth." Amiral Mumineen Imam Ali a.s.

Quran al Kareem- the Noble Quran- bears many names such as Al-Quran (the recitation), Al-Furqan (the criterion), Al-Dhikr (the reminder), Al-Kitab (the book) and Al-Tanzil (the final revelation). On the 23rd night of Shahru Ramadhan, one of the possible nights of Layalil Qadr, when the Quran al Kareem was revealed, Al Mahdi Madrasah is delighted to launch the Tanzil project.  

What is its objective?

The aim of Tanzil project is to promote Madrasah children to undertake khitma; complete recitation of all the 114 suwar (chapters) of Noble Quran from the first Sura al Fatiha to the last Sura an Naas.

Who can take part?

Any child in Madrasah who has completed the beginner’s book 'Easy Steps in Qur'an Reading' and is able to recite from any section of the Quran.  

What is its benefit?

Setting the goal of khitma of the Quran will not only motivate your child to work towards achieving a successful outcome of completing a khitma, but it will also instill in the child a habit of progressive recitation of the Quran. In addition, the Tanzil project will provide an opportunity for your child to familiarize with all the verses of the Quran thus becoming fluent in their recitation. Above all thawab will be continuously gained.  
Essentially isn’t this a wonderful opportunity for your children to complete reading the Quran at home with you, as parents, at your own pace and time?

How can my child take part in Tanzil Project?

After doing Niyyah for undertaking a khitma qurbatan ilAllah, for attaining closeness to Allah SWT, let your child commence reading from Sura al Fatiha and record on the attached template where the child has reached in recitation for the day. We would recommend that the recitation is done daily or at least three times in a week.

What do I need to do?

Your part as a parent is to encourage your child to recite ensuring that this practice continues and to record the progress on a log as per attached template.  At the end of each month a copy of the log is to be submitted to the Madrasah.

When can my child start Tanzil project?

We urge you to encourage your child to immediately do Niyyah and commence Tanzil project on 23rd Shahru Ramadhan; at least with the recitation of Sura al Fatiha. This is so as to gain the barakah of the last 10 nights of Shahru Ramadhan especially the 23rd night.


The Madrasah would like to acknowledge participation of the children in the Tanzil project and recognize their efforts for undertaking a khitma.  Award ceremonies will be held to celebrate the achievement of recital up to a third of Quran (the 10th juzu), the two third of Quran (20th juzu) and finally the khitma; completing the Quran, InshAllah.

The log sheets to record the quran recitation can be found here

Should you have any queries or require any further information you may contact:
•    Fatim Jaffer (Head of Quran Recitation Dept)
•    Anar Nurmohamed (Assistant Head)
•    Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo

Sawm Maqbul. Request you to kindly remember the devoted volunteers of al Mahdi Madrasah in your duas.  


With salaams and duas,

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat