Arbaeen Children's Azadari: We love Husayn

We are now drawing close to the auspicious day of Arba’een, the pinnacle of azadari.

Request for suggestions Muharram 1441 A.H. Activity for Children's Majlis August, 2020

We will soon be witnessing the Ayyame Aza with the commencement of Muharram, InshAllah.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: Friday 5th June, 2020

A penumbral lunar eclipse will occur globally tomorrow, Friday 5th June, 2020. In the UK it will occur from 6:45pm – 10:04pm.

Sheikh It Up | Episode 4: Away With the Rust

There's a way to get rid of 'spiritual rust'. Find out how in Episode 4 of Sheikh It Up!

Sheikh It Up | Episode 5: The REM Muslim

Are you a REM Muslim? Find out in Episode 5 of Sheikh It Up!

Sheikh It Up | Episode 3: The Future Is In Your Hands

Episode 3 of 'Sheikh It Up' is out now! Have you watched it?

Sheikh It Up | Episode 1: The Waiting Game

It's time for the big reveal of our new series 'Sheikh It Up'! View the first episode now!

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