Sheikh It Up | Episode 1: The Waiting Game

It's time for the big reveal of our new series 'Sheikh It Up'! View the first episode now!

A Message of Felicitation: Wiladat of Imam al-Asr (A.T.F.S)

A video message of felicitation from Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo on the blessed occasion of the birth of Imam Mahdi (a.s.).

Sha’baan: Action Plan Part 2. Season of devoting servitude: 31st March 2020

Herebelow are the remaining 4 steps in the 8-point action plan for Sha’baan, the 8th month, selected from the teachings of AhlulBayt a.s., towards developing our self towards closeness to Allah SWT.

Sha’baan: Action Plan Part 1. Season of devoting servitude: 26th March 2020

Meaning of Sha’baan:

On the first of Sha’baan Amiral Muminin Imam Ali a.s. passed by a group of people engaged in discussions. He addressed them, “….Our Lord has called the month Sha’baan, because his favours /bounties are abundantly scattered /disbursed all over during this month.”

A'maal and 5 Excellencies of Bi'that: 22nd March 2020

This was the formal commencement of the revelation of Noble Quran. Henceforth it is the day of B’ithat- Day of commissioning of responsibility of Apostleship to noble prophet Muhammad al Mustafa SAWW.

Statement from the EC | Coronavirus - March 2020

After much consultation and seeking advice from medical and healthcare professionals, the EC at Wessex Jamaat have decided to get ahead of the coronavirus outbreak and suspend ALL programmes at Al Mahdi Centre

Empowering the Mind Workshop : Sunday 15th March, 2020

How can one empower a child’s mind set?

Shahru Ramadhan Announcement - Important Changes

Shahru Ramadhan Announcement- Important Changes

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