Press Releases

Interfaith Gathering at Portsmouth Cathedral - Christmas 2010

ChristmasInterfaithDean of Portsmouth Cathedral. The Very Reverend David Brindley, respected Church Warden, Elders of the Anglican Church, Representatives from the St Johns Catholic Cathedral, Rev Brian McHugh representing the Vicar of St. Nicholas, Wickham Village,  Sheikh Mufti Liyaqatali, Sheikh Muhammad Muhiuddin... Imams of mosques in Portsmouth, .........the Muslim community, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Wessex Jamaat Helps Commemorate Azadari at Immigration Detention Centre

Detention_CentreWessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat was invited to support the Shias at the Haslar Detention Centre to commemorate the solemn days of Muharram 1432 A.H. (December 2010) leading to the solemn day of Ashura. The Haslar Immigration Removal Centre holds those detained by the UK’s Borders Agency while their eligibility to remain in the UK is considered.

Local Community Joins Hands with Wessex Jamaat

BridgingWickham1On Monday 18th October, members of Wessex Jamaat joined hands in friendship with the residents of Wickham village for an event titled ‘Bridging Wickham’.

Local Mosque Participates in Remembrance Day Service

RemembaranceSunday2010Wessex Jamaat was invited to participate in an unique opportunity at the Annual Remembrance Sunday Service held on Sunday 14th November 2010 ·at the Guildhall, Portsmouth.

Church Invites Wessex Madrasahh

Big_Draw_1Wessex Jamaat was invited to bring its young people to the St Nicholas Church, Wickham on 6th November 2010 to participate in “The Big Draw”.  The theme of the draw was “First 10 Years of the 21st Century in Wickham.”

Faith Communities Celebrates Dahwul Ardh

Faith_Communities_Celebrates_Dahwul_Ardh_2Earth day, is an event celebrated every year by Wessex Jamaat since 2009.  It is the climax of the week long celebrations of "Dahwul Ardh".