Prayer Times

Date 27/06 28/06
Imsaak: 02:22 02:22
Fajr: 02:32 02:32
Sunrise: 04:53 04:53
Zohr: 1:12 1:12
Maghrib: 09:31 09:31

Programme Information

  • Friday, 28th Jun 2019 1:10 PM - 2:10 PM
    1:10pm: Khutbah and Salatul Jumuah - Sheikh Fazleabbas Datoo. ​2:00pm: Ziyarat of Imam Zamana (ATFS) on the day of Jumuah
  • Friday, 28th Jun 2019 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM
    8:15pm Opening Mujtaba Asharia Sidiqabai Sheriff (Isale sawab for marhum of Sheriff family) 8:30pm Surah Yasin 8:45pm Marsia Mohdabbas Jaffer 8:50pm Majlis - TBC 9:25pm Announcements 9:31pm Maghribayn Jamaat Salaat
  • Sunday, 30th Jun 2019 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Friday, 5th Jul - 6th Jul 2019
    Perform the Salah for first day of Dhul Qa'dah (AQAIN)- 2 Rak'at Salah: 1st Rak'at, Surah Al Fatiha (once) & Surah Ikhlas (30x); 2nd Rak'at, Surah Al Fatiha (once) & Surah al-Qadr (30x); After the Salah, give alms (Sadqa)

Press Releases

Wessex Jamaat in Newspaper Following School Visit

Imam_helps_recreate_pilgrimagesPUPILS at Wickham CofE Primary School welcomed their local imam to help them explore the idea of pilgrimage.

Wessex Jamaat Meets Religious Education Trainee Teachers

Chichester_1Wessex Jamaat held "Know your Neighbour" programme on Monday 10th January 2011. It invited 14 Religious Education trainee teachers from the University of Chichester to meet with the youth and members of Wessex Jamaat including madrasah teachers.

Muslim Community Lead Prayers at Council Meeting

PortsmouthCityCouncilWithMayorWessex Jamaat Resident Alim, Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo was invited by the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth City Council to offer a prayer at the full council meeting held in public on 25th January, 2011 in the Guildhall Council Chamber.

Wessex Jamaat Undertakes Muharram Feedback Survey

Customer_SurveyWessex Jamaat undertook its first ever free on-line survey of its members  on the Muharram 1432 AH programme.  The purpose of this survey was to get feedback on the programme and get ideas on what to do better next year.  The survey was designed using a free on line service.  The questions were approved by the Executive Committee and the link to the survey was sent by email to all 290 members on our email distribution list.  It was followed by 3 reminders.

Wessex Jamaat attends 70th Anniversary of the Blitz at Portsmouth Cathedral

Portsmouth_BlitzCouncillor Gerald Vernon Jackson, Leader: Portsmouth City Council invited the Wessex Jamaat to attend a Prayer Service for the ‘Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Blitz’ held at the Portsmouth Cathedral. The Jamaat was represented by the President of Wessex Jamaat, Br Roshan Gangji, Br Shabbir Walji, the project Director for Al Mahdi, Br Muhammad Nurmohamed,  a Trustee of the Jamaat, and youths of the Jamaat Br Jamil Bandali,  Seyyid  Ayad Hassan  and Br Miqdad Master.

Hospital Appoints Muslim Chaplin

NHSPortsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has appointed the Resident Alim of Wessex Jamaat as an assistant Hospital Chaplin. Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo has been recognised as a Hospital Chaplaincy volunteer at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and will be working alongside the appointed chaplains. In this volunteer position, Sheikh Fazle Abbas will be part of the wider chaplaincy team, which includes 50 other volunteers, ministering to people of all faiths and none. His prime focus will be in supporting and ministering to the Muslim Community. He will also cover emergency call-outs for Muslim patients and will be working alongside the Chaplaincy Team of the hospital.

Suni Imam Addresses Wessex Jamaat on Eid ul Mubahala

Suni_Imam_Addresses_Wessex_Jamaat_on_Eid_ul_MubahalaOn the anniversary of Eid ul Mubahala on 24th Dhul Hijjah in 1431 A.H., held on 1st December, 2010 , Wessex Jamaat celebrated this event by inviting a special guest from the Ahlu Sunnah Mosque locally.

Interfaith Gathering at Portsmouth Cathedral - Christmas 2010

Address by Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
Resident Alim / Imam
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat
05th December, 2010

ChristmasInterfaithDean of Portsmouth Cathedral. The Very Reverend David Brindley, respected Church Warden, Elders of the Anglican Church, Representatives from the St Johns Catholic Cathedral, Rev Brian McHugh representing the Vicar of St. Nicholas, Wickham Village,  Sheikh Mufti Liyaqatali, Sheikh Muhammad Muhiuddin... Imams of mosques in Portsmouth, .........the Muslim community, Ladies and Gentlemen,