No Madrasah until further notice (7th March, 2020)

No Madrasah until further notice (7th March, 2020)

Dear Parents,  

Salamun alaykum,

Khushali Mubarak on wiladat of beloved 9th Imam Muhammad al Taqi a.s. 

Due to the precautionary measure undertaken by the Wessex Jamaat for suspension of all programmes at al Mahdi Centre, there will be NO Madrasah from this Saturday 7th March, 2020 until further notice.    

Whilst there is no Madrasah session kindly support your child to practice recitation of Noble Qur’an and go through the lessons in their Tarbiyah Manuals, workbooks or story books.   

Update on when the Madrasah will re-open will be communicated to you via email and Wessex Jamaat website.

As we observe the various devotions for revival of our nafs- self- during this month of Rajab, kindly make special prayers to Allah SWT for protection of all from the epidemic due to the COVID-19 virus and for the cure of all who are unwell.

O Allah, the One whose name is remedy (for all ills), and whose remembrance is cure (for all ailments). O  Allah by the wasila of Noble Prophet Muhammad SAWW and his Ahlul Bayt, we pray to you for safety from plague and epidemics. Grant us good health.”


Request for recital of Sura al fatiha for shifa -cure- of the ill. 


With salams and duas, 


Fazle Abbas 


Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo BA(Hons),Cert. Ed.(DTLLS)

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Imam / Resident Alim

Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat