Back to Madrasah 28th February, 2020

Back to Madrasah 28th February, 2020

Dear Parents,  

Salamun alaykum,

Yawmul Jumah Mubarakah 

Pray that you and your families are in good health.

Appreciation: The theme that was covered at the assembly held on 15th February, 2020 to observe Wiladat of Sayyida Fatima Al Zahra a.s was selflessness; support to the needy by this exalted noble lady of light. 

In order to encourage our children to be aware of their role towards the needy around the world they were encouraged to contribute £1 pound towards providing a hot cup of porridge for breakfast to children in schools in East Africa. 

MashAllah the total amount contributed on the day by the students was £80. This collection has been presented to the World Federation towards the ‘Fill My Cup’ appeal.

This could not have been done without your encouragement to children to make this generous donation. Thank you for your support. Shukran.


Madrasah participates in MCE 10-Year Vision Retreat:

Al Mahdi Madrasah, as the pioneers in rolling out the Tarbiyah curriculum actively participated in a retreat organised by the Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) - World Federation (WF) held from Friday 17th – Sunday 19th January, 2020.  Br Shahik Mulla, Br Jamil and myself represented al Mahdi Madrasah. Participants (numbering more than 80)  consisting of experts, practitioners, administrators and teachers of madaris, and other stakeholders were drawn from all regions. One of the main objectives of the 3-day workshop was to chart out the future course of MCE. The outcome will form a report and recommendations that will be presented at the next triennial conference of WF for discussions and deliberations. 


Back to Madrasah: Spring Term, 2020:

Following the Half term break, Madrasah will resume from Saturday 29th February, 2020, InshAllah. Attached is the Madrasah timetable for the second half of Spring Term (Academic Year 2019 /20) . 


Note the following: 

  • Last day of this term: 6th April, 2019. 
  • Easter break:  No Madrasah on 11th and 18th April, 2020. 
  • Shahru Ramadhan: As it is expected to commence from 24th / 25th April , there will be no Madrasah session from 25th April to 23rd May, 2020.
  • There will be no Madrasah on 30th May , 2020 due to Half Term break. 
  • Madrasah resumes for Summer term on 6th June  2020.  


Prepare your child for Madrasah- Punctuality: 

This term Madrasah has now been in session for 6 weeks since January, 2020. Thus parents / children have had time to settle into a routine. I would like to emphasise the importance of being on time.Every child is expected to attend Madrasah on time. The Madrasah day commences at 9:55 a.m. with Dua assembly. This session of dua provides the barakah and motivation to the child for the day at Madrasah. Kindly arrange for your child to arrive on time at their respective points either in Bungalow or Main gents hall to take part in the dua assembly. 

Thereafter, the first lesson on the timetable, Qur’an classes commences. Children who arrive late to the Dua assembly will be recorded and needful action will be considered in due course. 


Dua after Maghribayn / Dhuhrayn Salat: All children attending Salatul Jamat had been set an assignment for dua recitation. They are required to fluently recite duas of taqibat after Maghribayn / Dhuhrayn salat. Additional challenge is to memorise the 2 duas. 

Assessment will be done this term. You are requested to support your child in this task.  


Collection of children at end of Madrasah: 

It has been noted that some children are collected late at the end of Madrasah. This means that some volunteers have to remain to supervise the children. This is causing inconvenience to volunteers who need to attend to their personal schedules for the day after Madrasah. Please ensure that children are collected on time at the end of Madrasah. 

Kindly note that children in  Awwal Year R  (Room L1)  and Awwal Year 1 (Bungalow) class groups finish their sessions earlier at 1:00pm. 

For the other classes Baseer ( Bungalow), Qawiy, Daleel, Ihsaan and Faraj Madrasah Day ends with completion of Dhuhrayn salat at 1:45pm.  

Reminder: We would like to once again draw your attention to the dressing for Madrasah and the Attendance policy. We seek your support to uphold these practices for the successful operation of our Madrasah. To view them visit the following link:

Request you to kindly familiarise with them. We seek your support to uphold these practices for the successful operation of our Madrasah.  

Parents Workshop: Emotional Intelligence and Empowering the mind: 

There has been a positive response from Madrasah volunteers and parents to attend the workshop which will be held InshAllah on Sunday 15th March. Details will be sent to those who had registered for attendance. 


Meanwhile, as has been the case, feel free to meet me or contact me (email /phone) if there is any clarification you may need. To arrange a meeting on a Madrasah day I would be grateful if you could kindly email me earlier. This will enable me to plan my diary and also save you waiting time on the day. 

Together with your support and Divine tawfiqat we look forward to another term of imparting Deeni T’alim to our children, InshAllah. 

With salams and duas, 

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat