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3rd Portchester Sea Scouts visit Al Mahdi Centre

scouts3"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard we were going to a Mosque; maybe a big dome and tower? It certainly wasn’t a building that looked like a grand house in the country..."

Sheikh Nimr Statement

As British Muslims, we are shocked and appalled by the execution at a time when sectarian tensions are increasing throughout the Middle East and spreading across the world.

Statement: Local Muslim community condemns Paris attacks

"We are deeply shocked and profoundly saddened at these appalling acts of terror and violence perpetrated against innocent civilians. Our thoughts and prayers are for those killed or injured..."

The Mother’s Union at St John the Baptist Church visit Al Mahdi Centre

The Mother's Union and members of the Men's group went on an interfaith visit to the Al Mahdi Wessex Jamaat, on 8th June, 2015.

Bradford Islamic Centre targeted for anti-Muslim hate

BradfordMosqueThere is need for all of us in the community to work together to ensure that sectarianism, radicalism or extremism is not allowed to flourish.

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