West Hill Park Visit to Mosque on 13/5/2019

Capture copyMrs Parry and Miss Harvey teachers at West Hill Park School led the children of Year 4 to visit Al Mahdi Centre on 13th May, 2019, below is their report of the day:

Year 4 enjoyed a trip to our local Islamic Centre in Titchfield. The children were invited to enjoy the beautiful grounds and building, which has been developed sustainably; underpinning the Islamic beliefs of ‘Stewardship’.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas, Imam of the al Mahdi Centre welcomed the children and they eagerly entered the centre. They admired the Arabic artwork, looked at the Qu’ran and understood the use of prayer beads.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas taught the children Arabic greetings and demonstrated how to write some of their names too, quite an art!

It was a very informative morning and the children gained so much from it. Their excellent behaviour was commented upon and they were culturally enriched!