Du'as and Amaal

Let's Benefit From the Best 10 days of Dhulhijjah: The Four Recommended Deeds

Dhulhijjah: 3rd of the Sacred months (Ash-hurul Hurum ):

DAHWUL ARDH: 5 Deeds Recommended for Monday 29th July, 2019/ 25th Dhulq'ada 1440 A.H.

25th Dhulqa'ada Dahwul Ardh / Earth Day : 5 Recommended A'maal for the day

Reap 10 Benefits Recommended Salah for Sunday in Dhulqa’dah

Recommended salah for Sunday in Dhulqa’dah

Prayer on 1st day of the Islamic month : Insure yourself for the month (AQAIN)

If one does the above act, he would safeguard himself for the month. It would mean that as if one has acquired his/her insurance for that month from Almighty Allah.

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