Nahjul Balagha Conference 2015

NahjulBalaghaConference-PosterFollowing the success of the previous two conferences, Islamic Thought is holding its 3rd Nahjul Balagha Conference this year.

Quran Hifdh (Memorization) Competition

quran memoThe competition is open to all children and adults in Wessex Jamaat so Mu'mineen and Mu'minaat are encouraged to participate and benefit from this as a family. Each category will be awarded prizes.

Eid Mesage from the Bishop of Portsmouth: The Rt Revd Christopher Foster

View message here

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Clause 5.2 (1) and 5.5 (1) of the Constitution of The Wessex Jamaat, an Annual General Meeting of the Jamaat will inshaAllah be held on Friday 8th May 2015 at 8:00 pm, at the Al Mahdi Centre, Fontley Road, Fareham, PO15 6QR.

Invitation to Ladies Milad Programme on 12 April 2015

On behalf of the Wessex AMYC committee, we would like to cordially invite you all to our first wessex Milad programme, Footsteps to Paradise, in honour of our beloved Lady Fatima (as) - our Lady of light. Inshallah, on Sunday 12th April 2015 after Zohr Namaz

Film screening of 'Khojas - A Journey of Faith'

The Youth Committee has organised a film screening event at the Al-Mahdi Centre, which will feature the all-new film entitled 'Khojas - A Journey Of Faith' at 8pm on Friday 27th March 2014.

CoEJ Easter Revision Camp 2015

CoEJ EasterfinalThe Education Board of The Council of European Jamaats is pleased to announce the CoEJ Easter Revision Camp 2015, Sunday 29th March – Friday 3rd April 2015 in Malvern Boarding School.

Annual Gathering at the Portsmouth Cathedral - Monday 19th January 2015

View your invitation to the 20th anniversary of our Muslim-Christian gatherings at the Portsmouth Cathedral.