Move to Temporary Accomodation

Please note, all programmes, until further notice, will be held at our temporary centre:

Unity Building
Fort Fareham Industrial Site
Newgate Lane
PO14 1AH

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Please direct all post to:

Al Mahdi
Fontley Road
PO15 6QR

With Salaams and Duas


The last majlis at our current Al Mahdi Centre and Wiladat of 8th Imam - Sunday 2nd October 2011

Current_centreWessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (Wessex Jamaat) was formed in 1982 and became a registered charity in the United Kingdom (Registered Charity Number 1010076) on 25 March 1992.

In March 2007, the Jamaat members unanimously approved the acquisition of a five acre site in Fareham for £750,000. Alhamdulillah, with duas from Mu'mineen and by the grace of the Almighty (SWT), we obtained detailed planning permission to construct a multi-purpose Islamic centre in May 2008.

Al Mahdi Project - Progress Video (September 2011)

Al_Mahdi_Progress_Video_-_September_2011Al Mahdi Project Progress Video - September 2011

Hilal Advisory Team Statement- 1st Shawwal 1432AH confirmed?

new-moon-picThe Office of His Eminence Ayatullah Seyyid Ali Al Hussaini Al Sistani in Najaf, declares to Momineen. That it has been established to His Eminence – Daama Dhilluh _ Tomorrow Wednesday is the 1st of Shawwal in Iraq, and all the arab nations and all Islamic nations such as iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Also India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Central America

However, in most of Europe, such as United Kingdom, France, Germany Holland, Belgium, Scandinavian Countries and Canada, day after tomorrow Thursday will be the blessed Eid ul Fitr.

May Allah make this a blessed day for all the Muslims

Office of His Eminence in Najaf

Eve of Wednesday 1st Shawal 1432

Hilal Advisory Team Statement - 1st Shawwal 1432AH confirmed for followers of Marhoom Ayatullah Al Khoi?

new-moon-picHilal Advisory Team confirms Tuesday 30th August 2011 is 1st of Shawwal 1432 for followers of Marhoom Ayatullah Al Khoi (RA)

The above is based on credible reports of sighting from Santiago in Chile

Our Last Iftaar at the current Al Mahdi Centre

Al_Mahdi_Centre_-_Wickham_RoadAlmahdiProject-ArtistImpressionLast Iftaar : 30th August 2011 / 29th Ramadhan 1432 A.H. 

Mu’mineen are requested to come together and be a part of this sharing of our last iftaar together as a community at this AL MAHDI.

Hilal Advisory Team Statement- 1st Shawwal 1432AH

new-moon-picAyatullah Sistani  (May Allah SWT protect him)

A rationale for beginning of Shawwal 1432AH agreed by Hilal Advisory Team has been forwarded to Najaf for guidance from His Eminence. HAT will publish the statement upon receipt Insha'Allah

Marhoom Ayatullah Syed Al Khui (RA)

Based on the ruling of unity of horizons, and sharing of the night,  There is a distinct possibility of sighting of the crescent in South America on Monday, 29 August 2011. Europe shares  night with South America.

Updated: Hilal Advisory Team Statement: Ramadhan 1432AH?

new-moon-picTuesday 2nd August is the 1st day of the holy month of Ramadhan in London as well as Europe, except for Scandinavian Countries

Wednesday 3rd August will be the 1st Day of the holy month of Ramadhan for Scandinavian Countries