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Salatul Juma
December 14, 2018 (12:04 - pm)
Kumayl Club for Children
December 20, 2018 (6:30 pm)

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Date 14/12 15/12
Imsaak: 06:27 06:28
Fajr: 06:37 06:38
Sunrise: 07:59 08:00
Zohr: 12:04 12:04
Maghrib: 04:09 04:09

Wessex Jamaat Hosts Hampshire SACRE Meeting

3Wessex Jamaat was privileged to host a meeting of the Hampshire Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) at al Mahdi Centre.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas: Winner of the 'Most Impactful Imam' Award

Winner Most Impactful ImamWe are immensely delighted to announce that our Resident Alim, Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo, is the winner of the 'Most Impactful Imam' award!

The Friday Message - Issue No: 317 - Be with Imam Husayn a.s.

muharramIssue No: 317
14th September 2018
3rd Muharram 1440 A.H.

1st Safar 1440 A.H. / 10th October 2018 - Topic: Crying over Imam Husayn (a.s)

zMajlis Summary

“Neither did the heavens nor the earth cry upon them. Nor were they given respite.” Sura Ad Dukhaan 44:29

Back to Madrasah: Autumn Term 2018/1440 A.H.

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The Friday Message - Issue No: 316 - They sacrificed their dinner

stock-photo-charity-donate-welfare-generosity-charitable-giving-concept-374814430Issue No: 316
7th September 2018
26th Dhulhijjah, 1439 A.H.

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