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Salatul Juma
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June 29, 2018 (8:15 pm)
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July 06, 2018 (1:14 pm)
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Prayer Timetable

Date 25/06 26/06
Imsaak: 02:21 02:21
Fajr: 02:31 02:31
Sunrise: 04:52 04:52
Zohr: 1:12 1:12
Maghrib: 09:31 09:31

24th Ramadhan

Ramadhan_Dua_-_Day_24Hadith of the Day:

Imam Ali (as) said: “Bring to mind, by means of your hunger and thirst in the month of Ramadhan, the hunger and thirst of the day of judgement.”

Bihar al-Anwar, Vol.: 93, Pg.: 356

23rd Ramadhan

Ramadhan_Dua_-_Day_23Hadith of the Day:

Allah, the Mighty and the Glorious has said: “The fasts are the shield of the believing servants on the day of judgment, just as your weapons shield you in this world.”

Wasail al-Shia, Vol.: 10, Pg.: 403

21st Ramadhan

Ramadhan_Dua_-_Day_21Hadith of the Day:

Imam Sadiq (as) has said: “Allah shall ward off 70 kinds of calamities from one who gives charity in the month of Ramadhan.”

Wasail al-Shia, Vol.: 9, Pg.: 404

22nd Ramadhan

Ramadhan_Dua_-_Day_22Hadith of the Day:

Imam Musa ibn Jafar (as) said: “One who performs the ghusl (major ablution) on the Night of Qadr and remains awake in it (engaged in worship), shall have all his sins forgiven.”

Wasail al-Shia, Vol.: 10, Pg.: 358

Ziyarat of Amir al-Mu’mineen Imam Ali (as)

To be recited on 21st day of Shahru Ramadhan.

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