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Prayer Times

Date 04/08 05/08
Imsaak: 03:15 03:18
Fajr: 03:25 03:28
Sunrise: 05:35 05:37
Zohr: 13:15 13:15
Maghrib: 20:54 20:52

Dear Muminin,

Salamun alaykum,

I pray that you and your family are all in good health and enjoying the bounties of this blessed month of Sha’baan, the month which our noble Prophet Muhammad SAWW addressed as Shahri (my month).

During these most unique of times and situations we take strength in our Nourisher Allah SWT, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful. At the same time, we seek resort to the tawassul in the blessings of Ahlul Bayt a.s. for delivery from these difficult times. In the Noble Qur’an we have been Divinely instructed to call upon our Lord who has promised to respond to our supplications


“And Your Lord has said: Call on Me, and I will answer you…” Sura Al Ghafir  40:60

“When My servants ask you about Me, (tell them that) I am indeed near. I  respond to those who call Me..”. Al Baqarah 2:186

In the coming days we will InshAllah be blessed to witness a unique occasion; the Laylatul Baraa-ah- night for seeking immunity from fire of hell- which will be on the 15th Sha’baan. The auspiciousness of this majestic date is increased by the celebration of the birth of our awaited Imam Sahibal al Zaman Imam al Mahdi Ajjalallahu Farajahu (A.F.) May Allah hasten his re-appearance.

It has been a cherished tradition in all communities worldwide and especially in our Wessex Jamaat observe the amals and various supplications of this supreme night. As a family we have gathered at the al Mahdi Centre to undertake the various devotions on this night. This instance whilst we will not be able to come together to partake in these devotions I would like to invite you to take part in the following 2 dua campaigns:  

1. Hearts Union Campaign / Ijtima'ul Quloob @ 6:30pmThis is a global campaign to bring together the hearts of all Muminin  around the world on the eve of 15th Sha’baan ( Wednesday 8th April, 2020) at 8:30pm Makkah time in praying for faraj ; the re-appearance of our beloved awaited Imam al Mahdi A.F. and beseeching Allah SWT for cure from the pandemic.  You are urged to join the global Ummah at 6:30 pm UK local time to recite Dua al Hujjah ( Allahumma kun liwalik…) and Dua No 7 from Sahihifa al Sajjjadiyah by 4th Imam Ali Zaynul Abidin a.s.

The basis of this project is a spiritual and mental platform for the hearts of Muminin to collectively beseech Allah SWT. How powerful would this plea to Allah SWT be when over a million of us gather around the world, at the same time, in our homes, with our families and together in unison we read these 2 duas? InshAllah the Imam al Mahdi AF will bless the duas with us.


2. Wessex Jamaat Silatul Quloob (Linking the Hearts) @ 8:30pm


One of the supplications on this auspicious night is to recite 21 times the following dua referenced by Sayyid Abdullah Shubbar in his book Tibb al-A'immah


O Allah, verily You are Sublime, Patient, gives respite, (because) we do not have the capacity to withstand the conditions that take effect under Your authority. O Allah! O Allah! O Allah! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!

(We beseech You for safety from the) rampant epidemics, accidental death, evil events, and rejoicing of enemies at (our) misfortune. O our Lord take away from us the pain and torment, truly we believe in Your Mercy, O the most Merciful!


Whilst we will not be able to physically congregate at al Mahdi Centre and perform the amals of Laylatul Baraa-ah as we have been doing previously, I would like to invite you all young and old - my Wessex Jamaat family- to virtually join me in ‘linking our hearts’ to recite the above dua together within our homes. Join the Zoom meeting with the following details:


Topic: Silatul Quloob;  Dua for Amals of Nim Sha'baan

Time: Apr 8, 2020 08:30 PM London


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 820 114 714

Password: 589063


Allah SWT will definitely protect all from these unfortunate events especially the pandemic.


To perform the various recommended amals for this night refer to

Mu'mineen are encouraged to follow the live streaming of the amal programme from other jamaats such as Hujjat Stanmore, Hydery, Mehfile Abbas Birmingham, Huseini Peterborough and other Jamaats.


Significance of Laylatul Baraa-ah:

“One who stays awake on this night his heart will not die on the day other hearts die.”

 “Fast in Sh’abaan and perform ghusl on 15th night. That is a favour and mercy from your Lord. For it lessens the load of your sins and the mercy of Allah is assured.” Imam J’afar As Sadiq a.s.

There could be no better time, no greater need for community than right now.

Shukran Iltimasi Dua.

With salams and duas,

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat

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