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Salamun alaykum


Tahweel Shams : The crossing / entry of the sun:  
The Astrologers and Astronomers have divided the year into twelve parts, taking into account the movement of the earth and the sun. Each such part is known as a Celestial station. It takes the sun 365 days and nights, 5 hours, 28 minutes and 50 seconds to complete the full circuit of the twelve celestial stations.

The day when the sun completes its stay in the last celestial station “hooth” (fishes) and enters the first celestial station ”haml” (ram) is known as Navroz meaning ‘new day’. The moment the entry of the sun into the first celestial station ”haml” takes place is known as the Tahweelu Shams (crossing of the sun).    

Celebration of Navroz: If the Tahweelu Shams - entry of the sun into the first celestial station- occurs before Dhuhr on 21st March, then Navroz is celebrated on that day. However if the tahweel occurs after Dhuhr on 21st March then Navroz is celebrated next day on 22nd March.

Tahweel this year 2020: The time for Tahweelu Shams is on Friday 20th March, 2020 at 3:49 GMT . Therefore the day of Navroz is to be celebrated on Friday 20th March, 2020.

Recommended acts at time of Tahweel: On Friday 20th March, 2020 at time of Tahweelu Shams (at 3:49 am UK time) recite:

Laa hawla wala quwwata illa billahil  ‘aliyil ‘adhim. A’udhu bi rabbis suha was sahiyyati minal ‘aqrabi was saariqi wal hay-ati.
(There is no fear or might save that of Allah, the High, The Great. I seek protection of the Lord from scorpion and thief and snake)

To recite 366 times : Ya muhawwilal hawli wal ahwaal hawwil haalana ila ahsanil hal. Ya muqallibal qulubi wal absar, ya mudabbiral layli wan nahari. Ya muhawwilal hawli wal ahwal hawwil haalana ila ahsanil hal.
(O Changer of circumstances, alter our condition to the best. O Changer of hearts and sight, O Administrator of night and day, O Changer of circumstances, alter our condition to the best)

Recommended acts on day of Navroz:  Friday 20th March, 2020:

At the dawn of this day, recite  "Ya Wahhab" - "O Bestower" 14 times and  "Ya Wadudu" - "O Governor" 22 times                    
To fast
Perform ghusl, put on good clothes and use scent.
Recite  "Ya dhal jalali wal ikram" ( O Lord of Power and Majesty) 365 times       
After Dhuhr prayers, pray 4 rakaats, in units of two, as follows:-
Perform the first unit of 2 rakaats prayer:
1st rakaat after Sura al Fatiha, recite 10 times Sura al Qadr
2nd rakaat after Sura al Fatiha, recite 10 times Sura al Kafirun

Complete prayer with tashahud and salam.

Then in the next unit of 2 rakaats prayer:
1st rakaat after Sura al Fatiha, 10 times Sura al Ikhlas
2nd rakaat after Sura al Fatiha, 10 times Sura an Naas and 10 times Sura al Falaq.

After this pray for the fullfilment of your desires.

(Reference: Mafatihul Jinan)

Significance of Navroz:

Our 6th Imam J’afar Sadiq a.s. told Moalla bin Khunais on the importance of this day. That many important events have taken place on this day.

The sun attained its brightness. The wind started to blow. The Ark of Prophet Nuh a.s. stopped near Mount Judi (near Najaf in Iraq) and was saved from drowning.  Prophet Ibrahim a.s. broke the idols of his community. Angel Jibrail brought the first revelation to our Noble Prophet s.a.w.w. The Noble Prophet s.a.w.w. lifted Imam Ali a.s. on his shoulders for removing the idols from the Ka’aba. The Noble Prophet s.a.w.w. announced Imam Ali a.s. as his successor at Ghadir Khum.

(Reference: Nawrooz by Ayatollah Shaikh Mohammed Hasan Najafi, Mujtahid).

As we observe the various devotions for revival of our nafs- self- during this month of Rajab, kindly make special prayers to Allah SWT for protection of all from the epidemic due to the COVID-19 virus, for the cure of all who are unwell and for the hastening of the dhuhur of Imam Sahib al Zaman A.F.

Request you to kindly remember me and my family in your duas. 

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat

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