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Date 23/07 24/07
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websiteSalamun alaykum,

They doubt the Imam:

The Imam was addressing the community. In response people began to look at one another asking, "What do you think he intends by what he has just said? We think that he intends to make peace with Muawiya and hand over the authority to him. By God the man has become an unbeliever....."

Doubting the Imam and filled with these aspersions they rushed towards his tent plundering to the extent that they even took his prayer mat from under him.

What had the Imam said in his address?

Imam Hasan Al Mujtaba a.s. was mobilising the masses to support him in confronting the terror and injustice in the nation being spread by Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan. Amongst his addresses to the community Imam Hasan a.s. said, "....I am the sincerest of God's creatures in giving advice to them. I have not become one who bears malice to any Muslims nor one who wishes evil or misfortune to him. Indeed, what you dislike about jama'a -unity- is better for you than what you like about division. I see what is better for you better than you see for yourselves. Therefore, do not oppose my commands and do not reject my judgement..."

What happened? The desertion of the people from Imam Hasan a.s. increased. Further threats upon life of Imam multiplied with some even willing to hand him over to Muawiya. Subsequently Imam Hassan a.s. is deserted; left as the loneliest commander. This led to the Imam undertaking the peace treaty.

Which people were being addressed and why?

These were the people who, after the martyrdom of Imam Ali, had pledged their allegiance to Imam Hasan Al Mujtaba as their leader. Some of them being his and his father's devoted Shias. Others were from the Kharijites who desired to fight Muawiya with every possible means.Some were men who loved discords, and anxious for booty, some were doubters; some were followers of tribal leaders without reference to religion.

Strangely they all were Muslims. They did practise the rituals of salat, sawm, haj and other obligatory acts, yet they were opposing the commands of the Imam and questioning his judgement.

The strategy of Muawiya had affected the people. What a mixed band of men they were!

It can be seen that a reason for Imam Hasan to address the community was to test his followers and make the situation clear with regard to necessity of obedience to the Imam and in turn their total commitment to the Thaqalayn.

What was the aim of Imam Husayn?

It was indeed against all odds that Imam Husayn and his devoted compOur world today:

We are passing through a period where Saahibal Asr Waz Zamaan -the master of our Age, the Imam of our time- is in ghayba ; occultation. As Muslims, we too fulfil the practices and rituals of Islam. We devotedly count ourselves as among the Shias of the Imam.

Whilst living amongst communities of faiths including Islam and those of no faith one does interact by default with people of all ideologies and thoughts. Further one's nafs- individual self-is greedy to be satisfied for selfish desires that result into mischief and corruption in society.

Today the strategies to lure one away from taqwa, are very much in strong play like the strategies of Muawiya in luring the masses away from obedience to the Imam drawing them to his side.

If these plans are not confronted then can one continue being a sincere devoted Shia? If the sincerity of devotion and obedience to the Imam would be overtaken then one may end up no longer being from the devoted Shias but being a Shia for name sake only.anions bravely stood up to reform the Ummah,enjoin the righteousness, forbid the wrong doing and establish the laws of Allah which had been neglected.

Therefore isn't this expected of one who performs Azadari?
Is Azadari being performed just as a tick box exercise without the presence of mind and heart to uphold the above values?

Be on guard: Do not oppose the Imam:

Is only fulfilling the practices and rituals of Islam sufficient to attain peak of taqwa?

Are you on guard not to oppose the Divinely Appointed Imam?

During this period of ghayba are you on guard that you do not slip into the mixed band of men as was during the time of Imam Hasan Al Mujtaba a.s.?

أَعظَمَ اللهُ أُجُورَنا و أُجُورَكُم بِمُصابِنا بِالحُسَين ع
May Allah make our and your reward great for our mourning for Imam al-Husayn (as)

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat