The Friday Message - Issue No: 289 - Bidding farewell: an emotional moment

Farewell ramadhan

Issue No: 289
23rd June 2017
27th Ramadhan 1438 A.H.

Salamun alaykum,

Bidding farewell: an emotional moment:

One of the emotional moments in life is when one is departing and is bidding farewell to a loved one or one with whom you have visited and spent some enjoyable time; be it for work, leisure, family or social purpose. You would feel somewhat heartbroken at this departure. This indeed would be an emotional moment for all. In these instances some of the parting conversations you would have would be to recount to the host wonderful moments you had enjoyed being together, appreciate the cordial hospitality offered to you, look forward to visiting again and add other words of bidding farewell.
Similarly the host would acknowledge the joy of having you, being honoured in providing the hospitality, pray for your safe journey and even invite you to visit again next time.
Further it is common that the host would request you to inform of your safe arrival and insist that you do not get out of touch, but to remain in close communication. As the host waves you goodbye these final requests such as to inform of your safe arrival, bidding you not to get out of touch, but to remain in close communication would be said repeatedly.

During this blessed Shahru Ramadhan we are being hosted by Allah SWT and are abundantly partaking the Divine banquet of Sawm.
By undertaking deed of Sawm (restraint) from the muftiratas sawm – nullifiers of fasting- one has undertaken a huge change in daily life as compared to the other months.
Through performing Sawm we have been provided with a wonderful opportunity to keep a leash on our tongues from uttering what should not be spoken, guard our gaze from what is not permissible to be seen, refrain from hearing the forbidden, protect our limbs from carrying out evil and above all to train ourselves in improving our nature. At the same time increased recitation of Qur’an, duas, acts of charity, compassion and meeting the needs of others, seeking istighfar and tawba are undertaken. Above all one strives to improve one’s conduct.
This is amounting to a total transformation in one’s personality.

Jum’atul Wida: Last Friday of Shahru Ramadhan:

Today is the last Friday of this blessed month of Ramadhan. We are now drawing closer to the culmination of the Divine Banquet of abundant Blessings and Mercy which we have been enjoying as guests of Allah SWT.
A number of people are preparing for the Eid ul Fitr celebrations. At the same time we are doing earnest prayers to Allah for the acceptance of our various deeds undertaken during this blessed month.


In these departing moments when the guest bids farewell to the host:
Are you recounting to your Magnanimous host, Allah SWT, the wonderful moments you had enjoyed to witness Shahru Ramadhan?
Do you appreciate the cordial hospitality offered to you?
Is your bidding farewell a truly emotional one like one departing from a beloved?
Will you truly miss your host?
Are you looking forward to spending personal time again with your host?

Do you feel/hear /sense your host, Allah SWT, is enjoining you, “Be safe (practise taqwa), do not get out of touch, but do always remain in close communication.
Do you hear your host, Allah SWT, stressing that, “I am always by your side whenever you call upon Me?.”
What are your answers to the foregoing?

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

With salaams and duas

Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat

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