20th Muharram 1439 A.H. / 10th October 2017 - 10th Shuhada Karbala

Majlis Summary Majlis Summary Ziyara: Arabic word derived from root word zawara. Dictionary meanings: pay a visit, turn, incline, disassociate, fake, forge, falsify....

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Ziyara: Arabic word derived from root word zawara.
Dictionary meanings: pay a visit, turn, incline, disassociate, fake, forge, falsify.

Its meaning: From the Qur'an:

"Abundance/vying has distracted you; until you (zurtum)visited the graves." Sura Al Takathur 102:1-2
"You may see the sun, when it rises, (tazawaru) slanting towards the right of their cave.." Sura Al Kahf 18:17
"Those who did not give false (az-zura) testimony.." Sura Al Furqan 25:72
"Refrain from (qawlaz zura) vain talk..." Sura Al Haj 22:30

To synthesise from the above verses, the meaning of ziyara in our context is the visitation for the sacred graves of Masumin and the devout virtuous personalities whereby one is greatly inclined towards the love, status of the Noble person being visited (mazur) and seek to disassociate /be deflected away from the mundane routines of the world; focusing all attention on the mazur.

However, one should keep in mind that if one does not have the ability to travel to the physical location of the mazur, then one can benefit by greeting and saluting the sacred personality from afar.
"..if you cannot come to my ziyara, then send your greetings to me. For verily it will reach me." Noble Prophet.

Is there response to ziyara/salutation?

Whilst act of initiating salam is mustahab -recommended-it is wajib-obligatory- to respond. Thus it is imperative that the mazur fulfills the obligation to respond.
"I am informed about the one who sends greetings on me from any part of the earth; whereas I personally listen to the one who greets me at my grave." Noble Prophet.

What is the necessity of performing ziyara?

  1.  Discharge the promise to the Imam
    "There is a binding contract on every Shia towards his Imam and the most perfect and beautiful way to fulfill this contract is to do ziyara of the grave of the Imam." Imam Ali Ar Ridha a.s.

  2. Practise the Divine tradition, way of the Prophets and believers:
    "Will you not go and visit the one whom Allah Himself sends salutations along with the angels and the one whom the Prophets also visit and the one whom the believers also go to visit?" Imam J'afar As Sadiq a.s.

  3. Sign of a believer:
    Hadith of 11th Imam Hasan Al Askari a.s. outlining five signs of a Mumin-believer- includes performing ziyara arba'in.

  4. Repeated exhortation from the Prophet and Imams to perform the ziyara on various occasions in the Islamic calendar; even when the occasion had no link to the mazur or the day of Ashura.

  5. Embodiment of belief:
    "Instruct our Shias to do ziyara of the grave of Husayn. Verily going to his ziyara is obligatory on every believer who testifies that Husayn is imam appointed by Allah.

  6. Keeping alive the legacy:
    Ziyara served to proclaim the values of the martyr. Severe restrictions had been put by the regimes to not only restrict the ziyara, but also to destroy the sacred sites. This was to counter the effect that ziyara has on reviving the pristine values of Islam upheld by the Ahlul Bayt a.s.
    Need to create awareness, continue the broadcast for within and without the Muslim Community.
    (To be continued)

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

With salaams and duas

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