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Why Imam Hussein inspired me in my life? Imam Hussein has inspired me in my life in many ways....

Why Imam Hussein inspired me in my life?

Imam Hussein has inspired me in my life in many ways. He is an excellent role model to everybody and most importantly the younger generation. Imam Hussein was very brave and he was the extremely fond and generous of his beloved sister Bibi Zainab (as). Imam Hussein said that: "The most generous of people, are the ones who give to those from whom he has no hope of return." This means that the one who gives to people without expecting anything back is the kindest of people. This inspires me every day to give to people if they are in need of something because I know that Allah (s.w.t) will return me one day. Also whenever I'm in need for a drink I think of Imam Hussein because of the river forat it was said that: "Husain wasn't thirsty for water, rather the Forat River and all the world's oceans were thirsty to touch his blessed lips." Therefore every time I drink water I think of Imam Hussein and this saying. People came to Imam Hussein for his kind and loving words of advice, it was once said that a non-wealthy Arab had come to Imam Hussein saying that he had heard the prophet (s) say that, "when in need, one should ask help from a noble and generous man". This affects me and inspires me to be a noble, trustworthy, honest and a loyal human being, so that I can be one of the beloved followers of our Imam.

In the battle of Karbala Imam Hussein taught us a lot of important messages but one of the ones that inspired me was that when yazid sent a letter addressed to al walid informing him that mu'awiyah had died and ordering him to ask the citizens of al Madinah to pay homage to him. But yazid had made this point especially clear to imam Hussein. Imam Hussein answered him saying: "you know that we are from the family with whom god has started ruling an earth and we will be the last; and a man like me will not pay homage to yazid the drunkard who commits lechery and slays the souls that god forbids to slay". This tells me not to be selfish and to be grateful for whatever we get. In my opinion when told to draw a picture to do with Imam Hussein, most people would draw a river or water droplets because of when they starved from water. When I'm in school I am always with friends I think about Imam Hussein because he once said that: "One who reveals your faults to you like a mirror is your true friend, and one who flatters you and covers up your faults is your enemy." From then on I am always aware of those who are honest and trustworthy.

Another reason why Imam Hussein is an important figure in my life is that Imam Hussein had immense trust in Allah. This makes me wonder if Imam Hussein had not said this, would my strength of relationship be weaker with Allah (s.w.t)?

The quote was: "O Allah! It is you in whom I trust amid all grief. You are my hope amid all violence. You are my refuge and provision in everything that happens to me. How many grievances that weaken the heart, leaving me with no means to handle them, during which friend deserts me, and the enemy rejoices in it. I lay it before you and complain of it to you, because of my desire in You, You alone. You relieve me of it and remove it from me. You are the Master of all grace, the Possessor of all goodness, and Ultimate Resort of all desire." My last point is that overall imam Hussein is a big inspiration in my life and without him I know for sure that my life would be different: "Husain (as) gave his heart to God and God gave millions of hearts to Husain (as)."

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