How the Life of Imam Hussein has inspired me:

As the Umayyads took over the leadership of Saudi Arabia they started to spread oppression throughout the area in order to force people to do Bay'at to them even if they didn't want to. When they came to Imam Hussein to ask for his allegiance towards Yazid ibne Muawiya, they first came in private and to this Imams answer was to give him time to make his decision and by tomorrow he will make his decision in front of the public, this made Yazids men think that he is scared and also threatened him a lot of times. But what inspires me is that when he came to make his decision he wasn't nervous of any sort and neither was he scared of what Yazids forces could do to him, but his answer was one that most people should have given and with a lot of confidence. His main reason to give his decision in front of the public was to show the people that Hussein Ibne Ali wasn't a coward but rather he was the son of Asadullah, and his other motive was to show that Yazid wasn't the man that he looked but rather he was a drunkard, and a Muslim by name who in his spare time put his pet monkey on top of a mimbar where the Sheikhs and Alims usually sit. This of course lead to Imam Hussein's famous saying to Yazid stating 'People like you me don't pay allegiance to people like you', this quote clearly shows that Imam knows Yazid's motives and he wanted the whole of the Ummah to know. What inspires me out of all this was his confidence, his truthfulness and that he wasn't scared of anyone but Allah, which shows Muslims all around the world that fear in God is good because it keeps you on the right path.

The most known part of Imam Hussein's life is of course the Battle of Karbala, out of the whole part of the battle what inspires me is his trust and courage in his companions. If Imam wanted to he could tell the mountains to crush the 10,000 people he was against, he could tell the river to drown them all, but due to his belief in his companions he avoided saying 'Halmin nasirin yansuruna'. Although Imams companions were more physically stronger the number of the opposition force was too much for 72 people this is why they lost the Holy battle, but if you look back did the true Islam really lose or did we lose physically? True Islam is one that is spiritual with Allah and if we really did lose that battle how come there are still Muslims in the world nowadays and how come people still beat their chest for the love of Imam Hussein but no one remembers Yazid. So from all this is what inspires me is that he knew that he would be killed but his Forefathers work over the years would be saved, he wasn't selfish to put himself in front of Islam but he sacrificed his life for Islam and all the beloved ones for Islam too. This clearly shows that Imam Hussein is a personality that us Muslims should saviour due to his steadfastness in his faith

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