Statement condemning the Westminister Attack

Press release statement from Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo on behalf of Wessex Jamaat.

Women's Awareness Day: A Note of Thanks

Lady of Light WAD PosterThank you very much to all those who attended and helped in making the Lady of Light - Women's Awareness Day event, held on Sunday 19th March, a great success!

Annual Muslim-Christian Evening at Portsmouth Cathedral - Christmas 2016

The purpose of this get together is to celebrate Christmas, a major festival for celebration of birth of Al Masih Isa Ibn Maraym Al Muqaddasah (the Messiah, Isa son of Maryam the chaste lady), Rasulullahi wa kalimatuhu; (the Apostle of God and the word of God).

You are invited to 'Lady of Light: Women's Awareness Day'

We are pleased to announce that Al Mahdi will be hosting a Women's Awareness Day in honour of the birth anniversay of our Lady of Light, Sayyidah Fatimah (a.s.). Read on for further details.

Al Mahdi Centre
Fontley Road
Titchfield, Fareham
Hampshire, PO15 6QR

The World Federation of KSIMC

The Council of European Jamaats