Imam leads assembly at Brockhurst Infant School

bis2Imam Fazle Abbas told us how Muslims are reflective, resilient, reciprocal and resourceful.  We wanted to see how we are the same as Muslims and how we are different. We are all trying to be responsible citizens and learners.
After the Imam Fazle’s visit to assembly in November, 2014; 4 girls in Year 1 wrote these sentences:

  • Reciprocal is when people say hello and smile.  Muslims say Salamum Alaykum and back to each other Alaman Salakun.
  • To be resourceful you have to get things to help you with numbers or literacy or phonics.  The Muslim said he gets his prayer mat ready.
  • Reflective is checking your learning.  Muslims read their holy book Koran and try to be good people.
  • Resilient: I will never give up.  I pray five times a day.











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