Visit to Northern Junior School

Visit to Northern Junior School

Dear Sheikh Fazle Abbas,

              Thank you very much for visiting us to tell us about the faith of Islam and your mosque.

            We really enjoyed it when you taught us how to greet people in Arabic and when you showed us the writing in the Qur’an. We could not believe that it was written from right to left! We loved it when you wrote some of our names in Arabic it made us feel very special.

            After hearing about your mosque, we pretended we were architects and designed our own mosques for different Islamic communities. We remembered to include two separate entrances and lots of us included minarets too.

            We have included some of our pictures - we hope you like them and we hope that you can come to our school again.

Yours Sincerely

Lynx Class and Ocelot Class

Year 4

Northern Junior School

10th February 2020