Condemnation of London Central Mosque Attack

Condemnation of London Central Mosque Attack

The horrific attack carried out yesterday afternoon at the Central London Mosque, Regents Park is indeed shocking. The victim,  a 70 years old man who is the Muadhin- caller to prayer- was struck in the back and sustained injuries. It is hard to believe how someone in their senses would want to harm peaceful worshippers in a scared site such as the Mosque.

Bihamdillah the members of the congregation restrained the attacker from being able to strike further the muadhin or anyone else in the Mosque. 

Attacks such as this can certainly create shock, fear and hysteria .Whilst the communities and leadership aim to improve the overall security at Mosques and Centres  for prayers, majlis and other events we must not allow any such acts of terror create fear such that it impedes or prevents us in practicing our faith. During these trying moments it is essential that we foster patience, resilience and beseech Allah SWT for safety of all.

We strongly condemn this attack and all acts of terror whether their motives are founded on the deviant so called ‘Islamist ideologies’ or far right fascism.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Muadhin and congregants at London Central Mosque. 

We hope that the relevant authorities will pursue this case to identify the motive/s of the perpetrator and bring to justice those who wish to cause fear and terror within our communities.

We pray for al-salam -abundant peace- to be Divinely showered in all places and between all people.

With salams and duas,

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat