Eagle and Fox Beavers Visit to Al Mahdi Centre


1st Stubbington Eagle and Fox Beavers visited the Al Mahdi Centre to gather knowledge of a place of worship to go towards gaining their Faith Badge.

The Beavers, leaders and parent helpers were greeted by the Imam, Sheikh Fazle Abbas. We were instructed to remove shoes.

We were given a tour around the centre. We were shown the school where children in year 1-11 go on a Saturday from 10.00-14.00 to learn about the Qur’an. We were very interested in what the children learn and how they learn it.

The Imam informed us that the centre is very ecologically friendly. They do not use plastic, for drinking they use china or compostable cups. The centre produces their own electricity through solar panels on the roof and they gather heat from underground through copper pipes. The beavers found this very interesting as they are learning a lot about saving the planet at school and through beavers.

The Imam was very informative and engaging with all that were present, we gained a lot of knowledge about the Muslim Faith. We learnt about the Qur’an, Ramadan, the Arabic language and lots more.

Imam showing the Qur’an to all that attended, we found out you read it back to front and right to left.

Imam addressing everyone in the Prayer room.

1st Stubbington Eagle and Fox beavers, leader and parent helpers had a fantastic and informative time at the centre. We would like to thank Imam Fazle Abbas for giving up his time to welcome us to the centre. This is a brilliant centre to visit with young people. 

Kirsty Fletcher

ABSL 1st Stubbington Eagle Beavers.