Thorndean School Visit

S:\Departments\RE\Original Documents\Year 10\MOsque trip\2018\Photographs\IMG_0010.JPGOn Tuesday 20th December, 66 Year 10 RS GCSE pupils from Thornden School were very privileged to visit the Al Mahdi Centre at Titchfiled. This was to enrich the pupils’ understanding of Shia Islam, as part of their RS GCSE course.  

The pupils were given a warm welcome by Fazle Abbas and he started the visit by showing the pupils the outside of the centre, explaining about the architectural links to Titchfield Abby.

Once inside the pupils were given a brief overview of what the rooms at the Al Mahdi Centre were used for, before being given the opportunity to break off into smaller groups to explore the inside for themselves. While they were looking around they were told to think of questions they would like to ask Fazle Abbas.

Following this the pupils then got back together again to share with Fazle Abbas their thoughts from looking around and the questions they had to ask. This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to raise the things of interest to them.

The feedback from the students was very positive. They felt they had benefitted greatly from the opportunity to see first- hand what they have been studying and to hear from someone who actually lives the faith they have been learning about; it brought the whole religion to life for them.

The Year 10 RS GCSE pupils and RS staff from Thornden School thoroughly enjoyed their visit and would like to thank Fazle Abbas for this opportunity and for his time.