Visit of GCSE Students from St John's College to the Al Mahdi Centre

salahWessex Jamaat is proud to regularly host groups of schoolchildren and scouts groups for educational visits to the centre. On the 4th October we were glad to welcome a group of GCSE students from St John's College in Portsmouth, led by Mrs Turner.

The visit comprised of a tour of the grounds, highlighting the various environmentally friendly features that have been installed. Following this, the students were welcomed into the centre, where they participated in a workshop learning about the key beliefs and practices in Islam.

This also provided an opportunity for the students to ask questions, leading to discussions on Hijab, terrorism, sects, family values and what life is like for a modern British Muslim. Alongside the theory, students got the opportunity to see the Ghusl room and discuss how life, death and the hereafter are seen in Islam. Thereafter, they got a taste of Islamic practices through a practical physical demonstration of Salah, in which they all participated. Salah 2

The feedback from the students has highlighted the impact that this has had on them, from the 'interesting architecture' and 'beautiful gardens' to the 'clearing up of many misconceptions'. We hope that Insha Allah Wessex will have the Tawfiq to continue to welcome further groups of GCSE students from St John's in the future.