GCSE Study Day at Chichester Cathedral

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Over 80 students from five schools met Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Sikh representatives at the GCSE Religious Studies Day held on 25th April, 2018 at Chichester Cathedral.
The feedback received from the students is extremely positive about meeting with and hearing about the beliefs, practices and experience of speakers from different faith perspectives. Here below are some of the comments in the feedback forms:

"I'd just like to thank Chichester Cathedral for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to learn about such a diverse range of faiths. I really found this day beneficial and it helped me to understand there is more to life than politics and money- it's helped me to connect with my spiritual understanding".

"I found the interfaith talks fascinating, as they gave us an insight into people's real lives, not just theories behind the faiths that we learn about at school."

"Understanding and meeting people of these faiths has helped me reach a whole other level of knowledge and really made me relate and connect".

A teacher commented, "Absolutely fascinating and informative. Students loved this!"

One form contained below a special message for the speaker on Islam, Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo:
"I thought it was wonderful what you said about your belief. I found it very inspirational and I think it helped a lot of the young people listening to your speech, understand that the Islamic religion is a beautiful practice and should help lift discrimination against Muslims".

The quality and depth of the student's learning is really apparent from their comments and that would not have been at all possible without the contribution each of our speakers made on the day.
Chichester Cathedral is extremely grateful to our guest speakers from different faith perspectives, whose contributions made this such a valuable interfaith experience for local students.

Cynara Davies
Head of Learning and Engagement
Chichester Cathedral

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