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Date 18/02 19/02
Imsaak: 05:34 05:32
Fajr: 05:44 05:42
Sunrise: 07:12 07:10
Zohr: 12:23 12:23
Maghrib: 05:35 05:37

Programme Information

  • Thursday, 21st Feb 2019 7:50 PM - 9:20 PM
    Thursday 21st February 2019 15th Jamadi al-Akhar 1440 AH 7:50pm Opening Zulfikar Kermali 8:00pm Du'a Kumayl Mohamedabbas Jaffer 8:20pm Surah Yasin Fazleabbas Nanji 8:35pm Marsia Bapa Canani 8:40pm Announcements 8:45pm Majlis - Brother Khalil Alkadhimi 9:15pm Speech from the EC 9:20pm Ziyarat al-Warith Reza Hooda
  • Friday, 22nd Feb 2019 12:23 PM - 1:23 PM
  • Monday, 25th Feb 2019 8:00 PM - 9:25 PM
    8:00pm Opening Miqdad Master Nazznin bai Hooda (Isale sawab for marhum of Hooda family) 8:10pm Hadith al-Kisa 8:25pm Qasida Hasnain Canani 8:30pm Announcements 8:35pm Majlis - TBC 9:15pm Qasida Bapa Canani 9:20pm Qasida Mohdabbas Jaffer 9:25pm Ziyarat
  • Thursday, 28th Feb 2019 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    Kumayl Club | for Children and Parents | 6:30pm-7:30pm | Parallel Du'a Kumayl and Ziyarat Warith will be conducted for adults.

Visit to Bayhouse School and Sixth Form

It was very interesting to learn more about Islam. It is good to know you can learn and not just base the religion on what you hear/read in the news"....

Visit to Bayhouse School and Sixth Form

"It was very interesting to learn more about Islam. It is good to know you can learn and not just base the religion on what you hear/read in the news".

For the second time this year, members of Bay House School and the Islamic Al Mahdi Centre came together. This time the venue was Bay House School with Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo and Dr Muhammad Abbas joining staff and pupils for a 'question and answer' session in the school library. Prior to this visit, pupils from Bay House School had taken part in a week of activities in order to learn more about the religion of Islam, activities included an assembly, quiz, and debate. Pupils also had the opportunity to reflect on what they had learned and create questions to ask Sheikh Fazle Abbas and Dr Muhammad Abbas.

bayhouse  bayhouse1

Over 50 pupils from years 7 to 11 volunteered to take part in the session, which was held on the afternoon of Tuesday 17th October. Before the visit, Sheikh Fazle Abbas has been given a list of questions from the pupils, however once the session had started – this list was not needed. Instead, what took place was one long conversation between Sheikh Fazle Abbas, Dr Muhammad Abbas and the pupils, with pupils asking lots of considered and sensitive questions. Many topics were covered, such as the mosque, festivals celebrated, the challenges of following the religion and modest dress for men and women. The majority of the pupils chose to stay after the end of the school day in order to listen to Sheikh Fazle Abbas and Dr Muhammad Abbas – which is a testament to what a beautiful session it was for all involved. We look forward to working together again in the future.

A few comments from the students included:

"We were encouraged to ask questions about anything and everything to do with the religion".

“It was really interesting to have an insight into the religion and day-to-day life of a Muslim. It was also helpful to discuss the stereotypes”.

“I found it interesting and I learned so much more about Islam”.