Al Mahdi Madrasah commemorates Wafatun Nabi raising funds for orphans

Al Mahdi Madrasah commemorates Wafatun Nabi raising funds for orphans

18th November 2017
Al Mahdi Centre, Wessex Jamat

Salamun alaykum,

sheikhOn Saturday, 18th November, Wafatun Nabi assembly was held at Al Mahdi Madrasah, Wessex Jamaat, to observe the occasion of the martyrdom of the Messenger of God. (SAWW).
Noting that the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was an orphan himself, the resident Alim Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo explained that the purpose of this assembly was to create awareness of Islamic teachings towards orphans and to show empathy to the many displaced orphans as a result of the war in their homelands.

The case for caring of orphans especially the children who have lost a parent /s due to the conflicts in Syria was a theme covered in the assembly.
Whilst one cannot even begin to imagine some of the hardships which these orphans, especially the children, have suffered and are still suffering as they seek to live on with daily life amongst the conflict in their homelands. The pain and trauma that they go through is unspeakable. The pleading eyes of orphans hurt and homeless cry out for help.

In order to encourage the children to be aware of their role towards this crisis in humanity each child had been requested to bring £1 pound to the Madrasah Assembly. The collection on the day was to be forwarded to the World Federation - LZHH project who are raising funds for the orphans in Syria.

All Muminin including teachers and parents were invited to encourage the Madrasah children in this noble cause of charity.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo, led the assembly with participation from the children who were challenged with some food for thought and the need to care and empathize with these children who due to the war have lost a parent or both.

During the assembly the Children watched some video clips which brought the plight of these orphaned children into perspective.
The children were touched and the level of empathy was commendable. This was reflected in their willingness to donate generously to the cause raising an amazing amount of £310 for the orphans.

On behalf of LZHH we would like to commend al Mahdi Madrasah for this noble initiative and the children for their great contribution.LZZh

May the Almighty accept their deeds and reward them abundantly for their initiative in bringing a smile to the many displaced orphans for the sake and solemn pleasure of our beloved Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).


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