Prayer Times

Date 23/07 24/07
Imsaak: 02:53 02:56
Fajr: 03:03 03:06
Sunrise: 05:18 05:20
Zohr: 1:15 1:15
Maghrib: 09:12 09:10

Programme Information

Fatimiyya 1440: Commemorating the Martyrdom of Lady Fatima Zahra (as)


Topic: Faith in the Light of Contemporary Challenges

Shaykh Mirza Abbas is the Acting Principal – Programme Leader for BA Hawza / Foundation at the Islamic College in London. He has studied in the Hawza Ilmiya for over ten years and his specialities include Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Law. His publications include • Theological Instructions a contemporary text on Shi’a Theology of Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi and • A Discussion upon the Sufism and Shi’iaism, University of Birmingham 2012.