A'maal of Laylatul Raghaa-ib - Thursday 22nd March 2018 / Eve of 5th Rajab 1439 A.H.

Salamun Alaykum,

A'mal Laylatu Raghaa-ib

Would you like company after death when one is left all alone in the wilderness of the grave?

The first eve of Friday (Thursday night) in the month of Rajab is known as Laylatu Raghaa-ib. (Raghaa-ib: beautiful gifts or valuables). This night of beautiful gifts or valuables is one of the blessed nights in Rajab. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w. has recommended a unique prayer for this night indicating great excellence.The benefits of the prayer are:

  • Sins of the person are forgiven
  • Safety from troubles on the first night in the grave
  • Shade on the day of resurrection

On the first night in the grave of the dead person who performed the prayers of Laylatu Raghaai-ib, Allah SWT sends the reward of this prayer in the form
of a most virtuous, smiling manifestation with a sweet voice to the grave, which will address the dead person with the following words: "O friend! I
have brought you good tidings that you have been liberated from all difficulties."

The dead person will ask: "Who are you? Never before have I seen so beautiful a person, nor heard so sweet a voice or smelt such fragrance like

The reply will be," O friend! I am the reward of the prayers you had performed on such a night, in such location, on such a night of such a month
and year. I have come to you to fulfill your dues, keep you company in your loneliness, relieve you your fear. When the trumpet will be blown, I will
provide a shade for you over your head on the day of Judgement. So, be full of joy. No goodness will be denied to you."

Do not miss this opportunity of preparing a companion for your stay in the grave when one is all left all alone. Let us endeavor to perform this A'mal
Laylatu Raghaa-ib.

Method for performing the A'mal Laylatu Raghaa-ib tomorrow Thursday 22nd March, 2018/Eve of 5th Rajab 1439 A.H.:

  1. To keep fast on the first Thursday of month of Rajab
  2. On Thursday night (the eve of Friday) between Maghrib and Isha salat recite 12 rakats salat in six units of 2 rakat each. In every rakat after reciting Suratul Fatiha once recite Suratul Qadr 3 times and Suratul Ikhlas 12 times.
  3. On completion, recite 70 times: "Allahumma Salli 'ala Muhammadin ,nnabiyyilummiyyi, wa 'ala aalihi" (O Allah send blessings on Muhammad, the Ummi Prophet, and on his descendants)
  4. Then go into sajda and recite 70 times: "Subbuhun Quddusun, Rabbul Malaa'ikati Warruh" (Holy and Most Holy is the Lord of the Angels and souls )
  5. Raise your head from sajda and recite 70 times: "Rabbighfir, war-ham, watajaawaz 'Amma Ta'alamu, Innaka antal 'aliyyul a'a-dham" (O Lord! Forgive, have mercy and be indulgent about that which You know , verily You are Sublime, Mighty.)
  6. Then go into sajda and recite 70 times: "Subbuhun Quddusun, Rabbul Malaa'ikati Warruh" ( Holy and Most Holy is the Lord of the Angels and souls )
  7. Then seek your needs, they will be granted, Insha Allah.

[Reference Mafatihul Jinan, pg 139 (Arabic)]

There is difference of opinion with regards to devotions of Laylatu Raghaaib being Mustahab. As per Ayatullah al Udhama Seyyid Seestani, the niyyah for
observing the specified devotions of Laylatu Raghaaib is to be performed as Raja Matlubiyyah; that it may be a godly desired act.

Request you to kindly remember me and my family in your duas.

Fazle Abbas Datoo
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