The Friday Message - Issue No: 396 - It's been a decade

Salamun alaykum,

It’s been a decade:

It was on Friday 10th Dhulq’adah 1433 A.H. (28th September, 2012) that the flame of life of our blessed Al Mahdi centre, Fontley Road, was ignited by the performance of Salatul Jum’ah.The adhaan was proclaimed by marhum Raza Uncle Nensi. The next day on 11th Dhulq’adah, during the celebrations of wiladat-birthdate- of our 8th Imam Ali ar Ridha a.s., the formal handing over of the Al Mahdi centre project was solemnized.
These are important dates in the timeline of our community- The Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat.

A dream come true:

Bihamdillah, after being housed in the ‘Pink Bungalow’ on the Hoads Hill / Wickham Road for eighteen years, the dream for having a Centre for the children of Al Mahdi became a reality by setting foot into our new Al Mahdi Centre. Prior to that the community used to meet for some eighteen years in a flat on Elm Grove, Portsmouth.

Inauguration of Al Mahdi Centre, Fontley Road:

The initiation of our new home, on the blessed day of Yawmul Jum’ah is a significant blessing. In addition to enjoying the abundant blessings of the auspicious day of Jum’ah, it links us to the establishment of the first Salatul Jum’ah by the Noble Prophet. This was held in Masjid Al Quba, the first mosque, that the Noble Prophet led the Muslims to build during the hijra – migration- from Makka to Yathrib; later renamed Madina. On arriving in Madina with the construction of Masjid An Nabi, the commitment of the early Muslims led to the establishment of the Ummah.

Slogan: Building in this life for the next:

To motivate the community towards the project of Al Mahdi Centre, the rallying call “Building in this life for the next” was echoed at all times.
Bihamdillah, through the devotion, dedication, perseverance and philanthropy of the mumineen, the fruition of the vision “Building in this life for the next” is being realised. The slogan “Building in this life for the next” continues to motivate mumineen. On Saturday 11th June, 2022 /11th Dhulq’adah 1443 A.H. we witnessed the official opening ceremony of Dar al Zahra. This unit provides additional facilities to Al Mahdi Madrasah, Social, gardening and sporting facilities.

MashAllah, all this development has come about due to the fervent love in mumineen to serve in the way of Ahlul Bayt a.s. by. It is this noble devotion that has nourished this community to attain this great achievement.
In addition it is the spirit of volunteering that catalyses the development, operations and activities at Al Mahdi Centre. Truly, the devotion of one and all in the community is a priceless gem.

It is indeed through the fervent prayers, devotion, dedication, perseverance and philanthropy of the community, both locally and around the world, that the vision of the community comes to fruition into the real world of existence.

It is our passionate prayers to Allah SWT to abundantly reward all who have selflessly contributed and continue doing so in various forms towards the Al Mahdi Centre.

Is the building for our life completed?

Now ten years later as we sit back to celebrate this wonderful achievement of Al Mahdi Centre, let us ponder over the slogan “Building in this life for the next.”

Like the impetus provided by the Masjid An Nabi to the early Muslim community in establishment of the ummah and the sharing of noble message of Islam with humanity, what momentum is one providing towards this direction?

Let one inquire within oneself that with addition of Dar al Zahra to Al Mahdi Centre, is the task of building for the next life of hereafter completed?

Under the blessed shelter of Al Mahdi Centre, what else needs to be done to complete building for our life in the hereafter?

What is your engagement as a volunteer at Al Mahdi Centre?

In preparation for the dhuhur-re-appearance- of our beloved Imam Al Mahdi A.F. what more does one need to do towards nurturing their families to becoming virtuous?

Lose not sight of the slogan: “Building in this life for the next.”

May Allah SWT accept our token efforts of service and provide us with tawfiq to always lead our lives as per teachings of Thaqalayn. AAMIN.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat