THE FRIDAY MESSAGE - Issue No: 395 - Will you desert the Imam?

Salamun alaykum,

Do not desert your position:

In the 3rd year of Hijra - migration - during the month of Shawwaal, the Quraysh idolators army, led by Abu Sufyan proceeded towards Madina to launch an attack upon the Muslims. This army, consisting of more than 3000 well equipped soldiers, occupied positions near the hills of Mount Uhud, a short distance of 3 miles from Madina city.

In response to defend, the Noble Prophet marched out of Madina with a thousand men. On the way 300 hundred of these men, munafiqin- the hypocrites - deserted the group of believers. Thus only 700 men were left in the Muslim army. Taking a vantage point below the hills of Uhud, the Noble Prophet stationed a group of fifty archers on a mound at a pass between the hills of Mount Uhud. 

What was the command?

Their remit was to guard the Muslim army from any attack from the rear. 

This formation was issued with strict instructions by the Noble Prophet, “You should drive away the enemies by shooting arrows. Do not allow them to enter the battlefield from behind and take us by surprise. Whether we are victorious or defeated you should not vacate this point.” 

The battle rages:

On the 7th Shawwaal 3 A.H., the battle commenced. One standard bearer after the other on the Makkan side met their end as they faced the valiant soldiers of Islam. After paying a heavy toll, the Makkans lost heart and fell back in disorder. Throwing away their weapons and property the defeated Makkans fled from the battle field to save their lives. 

What did the Muslim soldiers do?

Instead of pursuing their foes, majority of the Muslims started to rush towards the booty and collecting them. Thinking that the fight was over, the bulk of the archers who had been assigned with strict instructions by the Noble Prophet to guard the strategic passage in the Mount Uhud left their posts.

Why did they leave?

Attracted towards the booty and spoils of war this band of Muslim soldiers strictly assigned to guard the passage rushed to gather the gains. They had chosen to ignore the instructions of the Noble Prophet.

What happened?

Sadly, this provided an opportunity for a group of the Makkan soldiers to launch a furious attack upon the Muslims from the rear. The Muslims who had laid down their weapons were taken by surprise. The retreating Makkan forces rallied again and launched a fresh onslaught. Alas the tables were turned. With victory almost within their grasp, the Muslims suffered a heavy blow.

Will you rush for the booty of this world? 

The events of the battle of Uhud provides us with lessons for reflection in our contemporary times. As Muslims we are constantly engaged in the greater struggle- jihad al akbar-. We have been provided with clear guidelines from the Thaqalayn –Qur’an and Ahlul Bayt- to chart our life in this jihad al akbar towards prosperity where the Ahlul Bayt are our perfect role models. In addition, one strives to safeguard the nafs from disobedience to the message of Thaqalayn

All along this journey of life the material attractions and glamorous lifestyle of this mortal world glitters like the booty left on the plain of Uhud. 


Did not ignoring the prophetic instructions, for the sake of the booty at Uhud, lead to severe consequences?

What are the prophetic instructions for one to adhere and prevent an attack on us from our rear by Shaytan?

Will you disobey the Noble Prophet (s.a.w.w.)? 

During the contemporary times of ghaybatul kubra how loyal and adhering is one to the master of our age, our beloved Imam Sahib al Zaman (A.F.) and in extension to the Maraj’i? 

What are your answers to the foregoing?

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat