The Friday Message - Issue No: 392 - Will we be Victorious?

The Friday Message - Issue No: 392 - Will we be Victorious?

Salamun alaykum, 

Disturbing news for Muslims:

It was barely the second year since the Noble Prophet and the Muslims had undertaken the Hijra from Makka to Madina when news of a caravan proceeding to Makka, under the leadership of Abu Sufyan, reached the Muslims in Madina. This was disturbing for the Muslim Community.

The Qurayshi idolators had put all their savings on a trade caravan to Syria and decided to use the profits to purchase arms, horses and other items of war. This procurement was in preparation to launch a battle against the nascent Muslim community set up in Madina. 

17th Ramadhan:  the encounter:

The Noble Prophet left Madina with a small band of 313 men, 2 horses and 70 camels to go to Badr outside Madina to face the Qurayshi army led by Abu Jahl. The army of the Qurayshi idolators was strong having 1000 men, 100 horses and 700 camels. 

It was on the 17th of Shahru Ramadhan in the year 2 A.H. when the two armies faced each other. This was the first military confrontation against the Muslims launched by the idolators.

Day of victory:

At the battlefield of Badr the famous Quraysh warriors Utbah, Shayba and Walid came to challenge the Muslims to single combat. They were defeated and killed by Ubayda, Hamza and Imam Ali. The death of their heroes left the Quraysh idolaters disturbed. Therefore they began attacking en masse.

In the thick of the battle, the Noble Prophet prayed to Allah. By Divine help great victory was achieved by the Muslims; though few in number and lacking strength of weapons. As a result this victorious outcome strengthened the faith of the believers and made them united as a community.

What caused this victory?

Was it not the absolute confidence in the Divine Power and total commitment to eimaan –faith- that, despite the enemies having the upper hand in numbers and weapons, yet the Muslims did achieve victory? 

Our battles today:

We too in our present times, the ummah of Islam, have not been spared of the attacks against our faith and unity. These assaults have been advanced not only from without the fold of Islam, but unfortunately also from within. The attacks from within come from groups which are energised by the extremist and deviant interpretations of Islam. These onslaughts against Islam and the ummah have been advanced in numerous fronts including ideological, political, economic, military, cultural, social and other confrontations. 

Will we be victorious?

We definitely need to continue to uphold and defend the pristine message of Islam. In these days of Ghaybatul Kubra do not be frightened or intimidated by the propaganda and onslaught Islam and Muslims. InshAllah, we will be victorious. What needs to be done? 

Is it by strength in our numbers or vastness of our resources that we will achieve victory? Unfortunately not.

To be triumphant we need to be strongly reliant- tawakkul- upon Allah SWT, devotedly adhere to the teachings of Thaqalayn: the Qur’an and Ahlul Bayt, be profusely grateful -shukr- for the abundant bounties we enjoy and make fervent duas beseeching Allah SWT by wasila of Ahlul Bayt a.s. to be granted success against the challenges of the Ghaybatul Kubra. 

May the Divine hospitality of Shahru Ramadhan motivate us towards attaining devotion of service to Allah SWT, Insha Allah. 

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat