The Friday Message - Issue No: 377 - Azadari A Compass For Our Lives

The Friday Message - Issue No: 377 - Azadari A Compass For Our Lives

Salamun alaykum, 

Commencement of the year:   

The first day of the month of Muharram heralds the beginning of time of great grief and sorrow for the Ahlul Bayt a.s. and the Muslims. This year, with the coming of Muharram, 1382 years have passed since Ashura, 10th Muharram 61 A.H. when the tragic event of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn a.s. along with a little band of over seventy family members and companions in Karbala took place. 

So profound would be the effect of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn a.s. on man, that the Noble Prophet had foretold this by saying, “Surely there exists in the heart of believers, with respect to the martyrdom of Husayn, such a heat that never subsides.”

MashAllah, as the years pass by, the commemoration of this heartrending event is observed with even greater fervour. In our lifetime we are blessed with another opportunity to take part in the Azadari - mourning ceremonies for the martyrs. Let us express abundant shukr to Allah SWT for this blessing.


Days of Azadari:

“With the advent of Muharram, my father (i.e. 7th Imam al Kadhim a.s.) would never be seen laughing; gloom and sadness would overcome him for (the first) ten days of the month; and when the tenth day of the month would dawn, it would be a day of tragedy, grief and weeping for him.” (Imam Ali ar Ridha a.s.) 

Azadari: Why?

The various deeds of Azadari during the mourning months of Muharram and Safar, especially the commemoration of Ashura every year are an essential platform to keep alive these tragic moments of history. They serve to remind us of the sacrifices of the righteous Imam Husayn and his devoted companions against the brutal tyrant Yazid bin Muawiya. It reconnects us with Aba Abdillah Imam Husayn a.s. and his devoted companions who provide us with a spiritual and moral compass to lead our lives. This reconnection makes us aware of the devoted martyrs of Karbala and brings about revival in our commitment to the mission of Imam Husayn a.s. to uphold faith.

What was the aim of Imam Husayn?

It was indeed against all odds that Imam Husayn and his devoted companions bravely stood up to reform the Ummah, enjoin the righteousness, forbid the wrongdoing and establish the laws of Allah which had been neglected. 

Therefore, isn’t this expected of one who performs Azadari?

Is Azadari being performed just as a tick box exercise without the presence of mind and heart to uphold the above values? 

Our devotion to Azadari

Whilst it is only Allah SWT who is able to fathom the sincerity of our Azadari, let us look within ourselves and reflect how is one growing towards being with Imam Husayn or becoming Husayni? 

Reflect: How is one responding to the final call of Imam Husayn on the Day of Ashura when he proclaimed, “Is there any helper who will come to assist us? Is there anyone who will respond to our call for help?” 

When raising our voices chanting ‘Ya Husayn’, are we responding positively to his call for support? Are we becoming Husayni; being with Imam Husayn for the objectives he had set out from Madina? In our life journey are we responding to the direction being given by the compass provided to us by azadari?

أَعظَمَ اللهُ أُجُورَنا و أُجُورَكُم بِمُصابِنا بِالحُسَين ع

May Allah make our and your reward great for our mourning for Imam al-Husayn (as)

May Allah make great our reward and your reward, for our grief on Husayn a.s. May He place us and you from those who help his cause with His representative, the guided Imam from the family of Muhammad, peace be on them.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat