The Friday Message - Issue No: 376 - The Intial Trial

The Friday Message - Issue No: 376 - The Intial Trial

Salamun alaykum,

Eid al Adhha:

Muslims around the world are completing celebrations of Eid ul Adhha; the festival of sacrifice. The event is to commemorate the success of Prophet Ibrahim proceeding to fulfil the vision which he had earlier seen of sacrificing his son Ismail.
“When he (Ismail) was old enough to assist in his endeavour, he (Ibrahim) said, “My son! I see in a dream that I am sacrificing you.....”  
Sura As Saaffaat 37: 102
The events that took place thereafter are well known. As a token of the sacrifice of Prophet Ismail a lamb was sent, as a substitute, by Divine will which got slaughtered instead of Prophet Ismail.
For Muslims not undertaking the Haj, the commemoration of the great deeds of the father and son prophets is observed by the performance of Salatul Eid al Adhha; the prayer for the festival of sacrifice. Those who can do so even offer sacrifice of an animal and distribute its meat.

Before the sacrifice:

As the Eid al Adhha is celebrated with great fervour of festivities, one needs to be cognizant of the fact that the Prophet Ibrahim had undergone another trial prior to the widely known trial of the fulfilment of the vision of sacrifice. The celebrations of Eid ul Adhha eclipse an event that occurred prior to the sacrifice. Indeed, it was due to the success secured in the initial trial that enabled the Prophet Ibrahim to proceed to the second trial of fulfilling the vision.

What was the initial trial?

As the father Prophet Ibrahim was proceeding from home to the desert valley of Mina with his son Prophet Ismail, the Shaytan appeared at the three sites. The goal of Shaytan was to dissuade Prophet Ibrahim from carrying out the vision in obedience to Allah SWT.

What was the response of Prophet Ibrahim?

At each moment Prophet Ibrahim pelted Shaytan with stones and remained steadfast to his mission.  The success of Prophet Ibrahim in fulfilling the vision was attained only after overcoming the distractions by Shaytan.

Rites of Haj: Since then, Rami al Jamaraat-stoning of the pillars- is one of the obligatory rituals required to be undertaken by multitude of people participating in the Haj ceremonies. These jamaraat -pillars- mark the three spots where Shaytan appeared to Prophet Ibrahim trying to dissuade him from obeying Allah SWT.
The great devotion to Allah SWT by Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail is evident from these two deeds of stoning and sacrifice. These great acts have become part of the rites for fulfilment of Haj and are to be repeated every year by the pilgrims in the Haj season.


Having joyfully offered the Salatul Eid and participated in the festivities of Eid Al Adhha, can you identify the spots in your daily life where Shaytan attempts to dissuade you from submission in obedience to Allah SWT?

In those moments of your life will you undertake the ‘stoning’ of Shaytan as did Prophet Ibrahim?

How does one undertake the ‘stoning’ of Shaytan?

What are the ‘pebbles’ that you will need to pelt Shaytan?

Have you acquired these ‘pebbles’ in great quantity and are they of good quality?

Heartiest felicitations Eid Mubarak

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah.

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat