The Friday Message - Issue No: 369 - Half the Year has Gone

The Friday Message - Issue No: 369 - Half the Year has Gone

Salamun alaykum, 

Half the year has gone: 

With confirmation of crescent sighting for the month of Rajab we have completed the first half of the Islamic year 1442 A.H. Rajab,the 7th month, marks the commencement of a special season for the nafs. Just as spring season marks regrowth of vegetation the month of Rajab ignites the renewal of a person’s soul and quest for attaining ridha- pleasure- of Allah SWT. In this sense Rajab is the month of reseeding our faith and relationship with Allah.


Season for reseeding our Nafs: 

The month of Rajab marks the commencement of this special season for reseeding the Nafs. This period ends on Eid ul Fitr with completion of the fasting month of Shahru Ramadhan. Thereafter we enter in the ‘wild forest’ of this material world dominated by the deviations of Shaytan and the lower desires of our self. The success of our daily journey in this ‘wild forest’ is linked to our performance in these 3 months spiritual seeding season.  

During these months by devotedly tending to the Nafs, especially for the month of Ramadhan, we will Inshallah turn out to be victorious 


On sighting the crescent of Rajab, Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) supplicated "O Allah! Bless us in Rajab and Sha'baan and make us reach the month of Ramadhan. Help us (in these months) with fasting, standing (for prayers), guarding the tongue (careful in our speech), casting down the gaze (with modesty), and (while we observe fast) do not make our only share in it (the experiencing of) hunger and thirst.”


Grab this opportunity: 

In addition to traditions elaborating the Divine blessings of Rajab, Sha’baan and Shahru Ramadhan, there are numerous recommendations for special deeds such as duas, fasting, istighfar, salawat, tasbih, sadaqa and other devotions. These months are filled with many religious occasions related to the Ahlul Bayt a.s.  

We have been blessed with life to once again be present in this auspicious month of Rajab. Let us take advantage of these moments of gift of life. As we observe the various devotions for revival of our nafs- self- during these sacred months kindly make special prayers to Allah SWT, with the wasīla of the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt, invoking the name of Imam al Asr Sahibaz Zaman (A.F.), for protection of all people against the epidemic due to the COVID-19 virus, to give comfort to those who are struggling due to the epidemic and for the cure of all who are unwell.


“O Allah, the One whose name is remedy (for all ills), and whose remembrance is cure (for all ailments). O Allah, by the wasila of Noble Prophet Muhammad SAWW and his Ahlul Bayt, we pray to you for safety from plague and epidemics. Grant us good health.”

Let us therefore take advantage of this beautiful month of Rajab. 

If you aim to harvest the fruits on Eid ul Fitr, then plant the seeds in Rajab. Water the saplings in Sha’baan. Tend to them in Shahru Ramadhan

All Praise be to Almighty Allah and abundant thanks to Him for granting us yet another opportunity to cleanse ourselves of our sins and oversights.


Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah.

With salaams and duas,

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat