The Friday Message - Issue No. 367 - Demise of Sayyida Fatima

The Friday Message - Issue No. 367 - Demise of Sayyida Fatima

Salamun alaykum, 


Demise of Sayyida Fatima: 

Barely 75 or 90 days after the sad departure of the Noble messenger of Allah from this mortal world, his beloved daughter Sayyida Fatima al Zahra a.s. passed away. The demise of Sayyidatu Nisaa il ‘aalamin – the chief of women of the worlds-which took place on 3rd of Jamadi al Thaani 11A.H. is a day of grief for the Muslim world. Other dates recorded of this sad occasion are 13th /14th Jamadi ul Awwal,11 A.H. 


Day of great grief:

To be able to appreciate the magnitude of grief that this day heralds for Muslims and history of Islam one needs to appreciate the exalted status of this revered lady. This will be done only through the ‘ears and eyes’ of the self and intellect. 

Reflect on the following ahadith-sayings- of the Noble Prophet:

  • “Fatima is a part of me. Whosoever angers her has angered me. Whatever hurts her hurts me and whatever angers her has angered me.”  
  • “Surely Allah is angered with Fatima’s anger and is pleased with her pleasure.”  
  • On his death bed, the noble Prophet overcome with tears said, “….whenever my sight falls upon Fatima I recall those events and sorrows that will befall her after my death. It is as if I see that trouble has entered her house and others disrespect her whilst usurping her rights. She is not given aid while her side is fractured and the child in her womb is killed and she cries out: O my father, O Muhammad, O messenger of Allah, .…There will be none to reply to her and she will ask for help, but none will come to her rescue…..”


Ummul Masaib: Mother of sorrow:

Sayyida Fatima a.s. was a witness to great sorrow and lived a life of anguish from the very beginning of her life. She constantly saw how her revered father, the Noble Prophet, was mistreated by the unbelievers and later how she herself fell a victim to the same abuse, only this time by some from the Muslim ummah. How distressful it is that these oppressors were not the pagan Arabs, but members of the Muslim ummah who had been in the company of the prophet and witnessed his guidance.

What great torment can one cause upon the Noble Prophet Rasulallah- Messenger of God- than to confront his beloved daughter, deny her rights and testimony, make her suffer emotionally and physically ultimately leading to lose her life? 

Divine verdict: 

“Surely those who annoy Allah and His Messenger Allah has cursed them in this world and the hereafter and He has prepared for them a humiliating punishment. (Sura Al Ahzab 33:57)

“As for those who torment the Messenger of Allah there is a painful punishment for them.” (Sura at Tawba 9:61)



By securing the pleasure of Sayyida Fatima a.s. and having her as a role model in leading our lives, one definitely earns the pleasure of Allah SWT and His Messenger. Deviating from the guidance of life set out by this noble lady would cause her displeasure and earn Divine wrath. 

Do we strive to earn pleasure of Sayyida Fatima a.s.? 

As we lead our daily lives are we always conscious of not causing her additional sorrow? 

What actions does one need to forego in order to avoid causing her more grief?

Condolences to Imam Sahibuz Zaman (A.F.) and the Ahlul Bayt a.s.


Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah.

With salaams and duas,

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat